CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATORChild support is determined by Federal law and guidelines ensure that children’s best interests are looked after.

The calculators are a base amount – or starting point. Child support in BC is calculated by taking into account various circumstances such as the percentage of guardianship, gross annual income of non-custodial parent, number of children, and extra-ordinary expenses.

In medium to high net worth families, those who are self-employed or who own businesses – the support calculations can become very complicated. Rely on the resources of MacLean Law to help determine the best outcomes related to child support.


SPOUSAL SUPPORT CALCULATORThe Canadian Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, while not legislated or mandatory, provide a formula for spousal support you can use as a benchmark.

It is not a simple matter to determine whether an individual is or will be liable for BC spousal support and there are many exceptions to the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.


Are you concerned that you may be liable for support? Do you wonder whether you’re able to claim BC spousal support under the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines following a separation?

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See our resources section for detailed information on child and spousal support in short marriages, spousal support advisory guidelines, pre-tax profits, and other extra-ordinary circumstances that will be taken into account.
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