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Family Mediation For Vancouver High Net Worth Divorce

Lorne MacLean - Custody Lawyer

Lorne MacLean, Q.C. Vancouver high net worth family mediation lawyer

Highly respected Vancouver family lawyer, Lorne MacLean, Q.C. leads our complex and high net worth Vancouver BC family law mediation department. Vancouver Family High Net Worth Mediation has several benefits for our Vancouver family law clients.  The Vancouver family mediation process provides discretion, flexibility and a fair process where parties can participate and feel fully heard.

Vancouver Family Mediation Settlements

Happily 95 % of Vancouver family law disputes are settled outside of BC family courts. This fact allows Vancouver family dispute clients to control the outcome of their family case through negotiation. Having a highly respected tenacious and focused courtroom litigator like Lorne MacLean, Q.C. on your side helps bring your spouse to the bargaining table.

BC Family Law Act Focuses On Out Of Court Settlements And family Mediation

Our BC Family Law Act, which deals with parenting issues, support and property division, has placed a new emphasis on alternative dispute resolution including family law mediation, family law arbitration and more recently “Med Arb” (you mediate the first day and try to reach settlement but if that fails the parties argue their case the next day and the family arbitrator makes a binding decision) Our Vancouver family mediation and arbitration lawyers will skillfully help you reach a fair settlement or arbitrated award.

Vancouver family law mediation clients need to understand the mediation process is basically a negotiation with spouses and their lawyers that is facilitated by the family mediator. We prepare our client for the mediation and provide relevant documents and a written mediation brief setting out our client’s position and why it is a win win for both parties.

Top Vancouver High Net Worth Family Law Mediation Tips

It is critical:

  1. The client understands the mediation procedure before they get to the mediation.
  2. The client understands the mediator is not a judge and that they are there to help the parties participate fully in a successful negotiation process.
  3. While the parties will advocate their positions, often a creative compromise can arise from each side putting forth their best cases scenarios.
  4. The parties feel they have been heard with a focus less on past injustices or slights each has done to the other and more on child focused solutions and fair financial outcomes.
  5. A list of initial demands/goals be prepared with a prioritization list being made.
  6. A strategy for compromise and alternatives should also be made.
  7. A feel for the other spouse’s reason for wantinmg to settle and their priorities is key to help the Vancouver family law mediation client bargain from a position of strength.
  8. You know what the other side has to offer to ensure the mediation has an upside for the Vancouver family law client.
  9. A family violence screen be conducted by the lawyers and the family law mediator to ensure mediation can work without someone being too afraid to obtain a fair bargain.

At MacLean Law we will set you up to succeed at your family law mediation so you can move forward with your successful post separation life. We have 3 skilled senior family law mediators and arbitrators and a team of Vancouver family mediation lawyers led by Lorne MacLean, Q.C. who will help you obtain a successful mediated result in your Vancouver family mediation.

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This team's investment in clients is what sets them apart from other firms. No wonder Lorne is Q.C. and the firm is award winning.