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News Release – Anna Perry Joins MacLean Family Law as a senior Vancouver family law courtroom lawyer Call 1 877 602 9900

Lorne N MacLean, QC founder of MacLean Law is pleased to announce Anna Perry, Senior BC Family Law Lawyer, Mediator & Arbitrator brings her family law practice to our downtown Vancouver office. Anna brings 30 years of experience as a lawyer with 17 years of family law focus to help clients resolve matters and achieve the optimal outcome for the  participant spouse’s unique needs and circumstances. Anna focuses on challenging complex family law financial litigation cases across BC.  Her near perfect rating as a Vancouver family lawyer comes from a legion of satisfied BC family law clients.

Anna is also a Certified collaborative practitioner, mediator and arbitrator since 2016 and she enjoys doing distance family mediation and acts out of all of our, Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, Fort St John and Richmond  offices as a family lawyer, family mediator and moving forward as a family law arbitrator. Anna knows that the growth of silver separations and grey divorces really emphasizes the need for experienced family litigation counsel to handle difficult issues of retirement as it impacts spousasl suport, pension division and substantial support and family property division issues.  Anna deals with these cases on a daily basis with alacrity.

Contact Anna and our team of senior family lawyers when the stakes are high and you want high net worth family law advice that is results focussed.

Anna says “My clients and my law practice are my priority. Clients retain me for my pragmatic approach and the results we achieve as a team.”  Anna handles challenging medium to high net worth family law financial disputes complex litigation cases and challenging parenting time, responsibility and guardianship issues.

Anna Perry Joins MacLean Family Law – Anna’s Approach Call 1 877 602 9900


What is your approach to family law and family law mediation?


I enjoy family law lawyering and family law mediation and arbitration because of a new found focus on resolving matters promptly and efficiently. I take great satisfaction in helping family law clients and their children leave the relationship as winners who focus on future success rather than unproductively getting stuck in their marital past.

Preparation, organization and documentation is my mantra. Issues and options defined, discussed and resolved in priority. Solutions are fact based and realistic. All participants (clients, experts, lawyers) are engaged in cost-effective solutions as a priority. 

I prefer personal discussions on contested issues first and then to confirm by letter instead of first engaging in protracted affidavit exchanges. I know when to use Court and  how to do so effectively. Our Family Law Act has opened up new possibilities to successfully uncouple spouses.  Relationships with the Court, colleagues and clients need to all remain on a good footing. Referring clients to financial planners and support therapists is also a crucial role for any top family lawyer.

Anna Perry Joins MacLean Family Law – Anna’s Experience

Anna Perry is a senior Family Lawyer and Mediator Vancouver, BC whose background includes:

  • Certified collaborative practitioner, mediator and arbitrator since 2016. 
  • Family law lawyer since 2001.
  • Other private practice in property law, tax law, company law, leasing and commercial lending pre-2001.
  • Public practice with Land Titles, Court Services, Police Commission and PWD Appeal Board Chair.
  • Academic teaching and writing/publishing with UBC Commerce.
  • Member in good standing with The Law Society of BC since 1988.

Anna Perry Joins MacLean Family Law – Contact Anna Call 1 877 602 9900

Anna Perry Joins MacLean Family Law
Anna Perry Joins MacLean Family Law Call 1 877 602 9900

Anna Perry will be accepting new clients at our downtown Vancouver in January of 2019. Click here to fill out the initial consultation form to meet with Anna Perry.