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Adrianna Banaszek - Lawyer at Maclean Law

Understanding peoples’ stories is essential to building relationships.

Adrianna Banaszek, MacLean Law
alterWhen I have an appreciation for each client’s unique circumstances, I can help them accomplish efficient conflict resolution.alter
Adrianna Banaszek
Adrianna Banaszek, MacLean Family Law, Vancouver
alterOnce you’re with MacLean Law, you’ll see why they’re the best lawyers out there. They are efficient, understanding and always have your needs met. alter
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Adrianna studied journalism prior to pursuing a legal career and uses the communication, fact-finding and writing skills she obtained to give her clients the voice they deserve. Through her past experience volunteering for pro bono initiatives and working at law firms in the areas of general civil litigation, personal injury, and criminal law, Adrianna has developed an appreciation for guiding clients through a challenging and confusing time and she works to minimize the difficulties resulting from legal proceedings.

She practices family law serving Vancouver and Calgary clients. She brings to her practice a relentless drive to achieve her clients’ desired results through pragmatic thinking and by taking a personal approach to the law.

Adrianna’s legal philosophy is guided by the maxim that “Understanding peoples’ stories is essential to building relationships and finding solutions. When you have an appreciation for each client’s unique circumstances, you can accomplish efficient conflict resolution and help people move forward.”

Originally, Adrianna grew up in the Okanagan Valley and after her education and career took her across the country to Ottawa, Saskatoon and Calgary, she is thrilled to be a resident of beautiful British Columbia once again. As an outdoor enthusiast, Adrianna explores all that the west coast has to offer, whether it’s snowboarding the local mountains, catching a picturesque view on a backcountry hike or taking a road trip to Vancouver Island for a camping excursion. Adrianna believes that the great outdoors offers us all the opportunity to put our problems into perspective and reflect without interruption. Throughout the rainy winter, you can catch Adrianna challenging herself at a bikram yoga studio both mentally and physically. And, weather permitting, you may find her in a yoga pose on the beach. Don’t be a stranger if you ever catch her jogging along the seawall or working her way through the endless eateries Vancouver has to offer.

Adrianna is first-generation Canadian and fluent in Polish. She considers Poland her second-home, having travelled back often to visit her extended family.

Adrianna Banaszek
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