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It is important to harness emotions in family law. I work tirelessly to help families achieve the best legal results and achieve independence.

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alter Helping people navigate through a high stress situation while maintaining perspective and obtaining sensible solutions is my passion and why I love family law. alter
Aman Kahlon
Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator
alterAman is one of the best lawyers around. She is very hard working and informative and I felt she had my interests in mind at all times. She is worth every penny and got me through a hard time in my life. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Aman!alter
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Aman was attracted to the legal profession by her deep passion for helping people. She wants to share her knowledge with those in need and help families get through the emotional process of family separation. Her experience in family matters, immigration, and criminal law is a winning combination when counselling families who may have interactions with family services or law enforcement personnel. She feels it is extremely important to ensure children and other vulnerable family members are protected when there is an unbalance of power or money in the relationship.

Prior to moving to Vancouver, Aman worked in family law providing mediation, arbitration and judicial dispute resolution services. She also attended trials at the Provincial Court and Queen’s Bench.

Aman has a fun and whimsical sense of humour from her years of travelling around the world seeking out interesting experiences. Underwater hiking in Mexico, hot air ballooning in Turkey, feeding stray dogs in India and having fun on extended family holidays are just a few of her adventures. She is also a huge fan of DC Comics, cartoons and video games, making her the best aunt to her many nieces and nephews.

When Aman is not helping families navigate through divorce or travelling, you can find her, paw in hand, with her favourite furry friend Ari.

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