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With 30 years of trial experience in family and civil law, André is equally at ease in court and negotiating settlements.

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Andre Roothman, Family Lawyer Vancouver
“If you want peace, prepare for war” (Latin phrase). Litigation in most family law matters is no different from preparing for war and being ready for trial. It’s the only way to be prepared for settlement negotiations and to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your case.” André Roothman
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“Once you’re with MacLean Law, you’ll see why they’re the best lawyers out there. They are efficient, understanding and always have your needs met.”
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André Roothman is an experienced trial lawyer with more than 30 years of trial experience in family law, criminal law and commercial litigation. He served as an officer in the South African Navy prior to pursuing his legal career. He also spent seven years in the legal department of a life insurance company in South Africa, which provided him with a thorough financial background to deal with high net worth family disputes. Thereafter he practiced in the areas of commercial litigation, tax and estate planning as well as criminal law. He was regularly consulted by other lawyers on the financial aspects of family law disputes.

After immigrating to Canada, he spent two years in Vancouver before deciding to seek adventure in the far north of Canada. He practised in the Yukon for fourteen years, focusing on asset division and child support disputes in the family law side of his practice and acted for children in custody and access disputes. André achieved great success in numerous high-profile criminal trials in the Yukon. In both his commercial litigation and family law practices, he dealt with the fascinating world of gold miners and tracing hidden assets. He enjoys working with complex financial situations.

After work, André enjoys spending time with his dogs, cycling and reading Roman history. He admires the achievements of the Romans (he was educated in Roman Law) and on his travels he likes to trace their footsteps. The Okanagan is heaven to him, since he is a wine lover, always searching for a new taste.

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