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Anna Perry - Lawyer at Maclean Family Law

Anna combines pragmatism, charisma and dedication to deliver consistent results for her clients who openly praise her work.

Anna Perry, Family Mediator, MacLean Family Law
“I believe it’s critical to have all participants (clients, experts, lawyers) around the table, by phone or in person, making contributions to the discussions of facts, questions, outcomes. This is how cost-effective, thorough results are achieved.”
Anna Perry
MLIt truly felt as though I had the care and consideration of a family member with Anna’s representation. She is undoubtedly the top Family Lawyer in Vancouver. ML
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No matter the venue, it is commonly acknowledged that Anna Perry shows up always prepared to do battle. When Anna takes on a case as mediator or litigator, her clients gain the benefit of her considerable knowledge, experience and intense personal investment, as well as her calm confidence. She is pragmatic and tenacious in presenting her clients’ case and creative in her development of strategies carefully designed to protect their family law interests.

Anna has preserved clients’ interests via complex family litigation involving claims ranging from international, national and provincial custody and wealth & property cases and multi-generational wealth cases to matters of electronic evidence tampering, duress, gang and crime related family wealth, child estrangement from substance addicted and absentee parent(s) and child and [husband & wife] spousal abuse. She has invested more than 15 years litigating, winning and enforcing hard-won family law Court cases. In truth, she’s up for a fight.

Anyone who assumes that Anna Perry’s quiet pragmatic approach is less than fierce is making a mistake. She is invested in securing her clients’ results with experts’ opinion & guidance on critical pension, income assessment and child-related matters. In support of her clients’ needs, Anna is committed to preserving families’ relationships and assets through use of collaborative practice, reasonable negotiations and mediations.

When not practicing law, Anna keeps very busy. She prefers to travel across countries by car, on foot and by public transit. As a former ballet dancer, she loves to keep in shape by playing the drums and dancing, particularly to Latin and hip-hop music.

Anna has been an avid runner since primary school, and enjoys the occasional half marathon. When on Vancouver Island, she fishes at dawn on the open ocean alongside whales out of Pedder Bay and kayaks and hikes with friends in Sooke, BC.

She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design: as a self-described “artist groupie”, she fraternizes with local artists and tours galleries wherever she travels. At home, she’s an amateur painter, carpenter and landscaper, always busy renovating her 1927 cottage in Vancouver, BC.

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