A Day in the Life of: James S.K. Chen – Lawyer

James S.K. Chen - Lawyer

James is principled and dedicated to law. Like tennis, law is strategic. Regardless of the adversary you face, he will find a winning solution.

James S.K. Chen, Vancouver Lawyer, Asian Division
alterJust as events disappear into the ether when not recorded, each person’s rights and interests do not exist until they are articulated and advanced by good legal representation.alter
James S.K. Chen
James S.K. Chen, Family Lawyer Vancouver
alterOnce you’re with MacLean Law, you’ll see why they’re the best lawyers out there. They are efficient, understanding and always have your needs met.alter
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James Chen, Lawyer
James Chen
James Chen
James Chen


James has a range of experience and has studied and worked in Taiwan, USA, China and Canada. His travels, education and multilingualism is a benefit to all family law clients who work with him.

James works in the MacLean Law Asian division helping clients navigate the family law system and has extensive experience in multi-jurisdictional family law disputes. In an effort to help bridge the information gap between multi-jurisdictional laws, James looks to find creative legal strategies and solutions and brings a voice of representation to those seeking family law resolutions. He is fluent in English and Mandarin. Lorne MacLean, Q.C. describes James as, “A strategic thinker who has legal experience in various countries, giving our international clients tactical legal strategies based on laws of other countries. This brings tremendous confidence to clients going through complex divorce or child custody cases.”

Outside of work, James is studious and enjoys the Vancouver Public Library. When not behind a law or history or travel book, you can find James playing tennis in Stanley Park or at one of the local tennis clubs.

James S.K. Chen
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