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Laura Allan - Lawyer at Maclean Law

Practising family law is an art. You need to be intuitive and creative to help a family reach an understanding of what’s best for all family members.

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alterI see myself as a practical, solution-oriented problem solver. Having been through a divorce myself, I can relate to what clients are going through and I’m committed to getting them to the other side.alter
Laura Allan

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alterLaura was able to solve my issue without court involvement and to everyone’s satisfaction. I would highly recommend her and MacLean Law to anyone requiring help in family matters.alter
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As a dedicated mother to her own child, Laura values the rights of the children in divorce cases and strives to ensure that all parties arrive at livable agreements in separation, custody, and/or support cases.

Spending her university years in New Zealand and Australia, Laura has a special affinity for the great outdoors and the west coast. “Nature is such an important part of our well-being and I know that when I achieve a balanced work-life schedule, I am much more productive and successful for my clients,” reports Laura. “I really value the opportunity you have living in BC to get outside. I love to take my son out into nature, whether it’s away camping in one of BC’s National Parks or staying local and spending time in Stanley Park or at the beach.

Laura grew up surrounded by lawyers and was inspired from an early age by her father who practiced family law and worked closely with the Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto, assisting families and woman fleeing abusive relationships. This early learning instilled in Laura a true compassion for helping people through life’s challenges and Laura developed a passion to embark on a family law career.

Laura completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Otago, New Zealand and graduated with honours in Law from the University of Sydney, Australia. Laura articled with a family law firm in Ontario, Canada, where she developed her client focused approach to the practice of family law. Laura places great value on the relationships she develops with clients and is passionate about helping clients successfully navigate their family law issues so they can begin the process of rebuilding their own lives.

Being creative is part of Laura’s life, with a good mix of right-brain, left-brain capabilities; Laura is very analytic and artistic. In between motherhood and her law practice she paints large abstract paintings, knits, creates pottery and does natural-light photography with children. She spent a year studying the secret techniques of the old master paintings – like Rubens and Caravaggio – with acclaimed Australian artist Charlie Sheard.

Her grounded and good nature will put any client at ease, coupled with sound legal experience and her solid work ethic; Laura is the family law advocate that will bring a family dispute to a workable solution.

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