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Michael Lam - Family Lawyer at Maclean Law

A deliberate approach in family law will ease emotions and can help achieve logical successful, solutions.

Michael Lam, MacLean Family Law Surrey
“There are few things as emotionally charged as a family dispute. My goal is to guide clients through the stress to achieve a fair and just result as peacefully as possible.”
Michael Lam
Michael Lam, Family Lawyer, MacLean Law Vancouver
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Michael practices family law in MacLean Law’s Vancouver office, specifically working with Asian clients. In an effort to help bridge legal and cultural gaps between Canadian law and deep rooted Chinese values and norms, Michael takes a page from history. Michael completed a Masters in Chinese History and wrote his thesis on the criminality of adultery in 15th century Chinese culture. This historical knowledge, coupled with being born in Canada to immigrant parents from Hong Kong, gives Michael a unique perspective to help find creative legal strategies for those seeking divorce, when culture and multigenerational members of the family may be intricately entwined in the affairs of the second or third generation. Michael speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.

But history does not have to be as drastic as ancient laws, where, in some cases, family law crimes may be punishable by death. Michael takes a very calm, strategic and reasonable path to help families find peaceful outcomes.

Michael says, “Not only do I stay calm, I pride myself in helping my clients take a deliberate approach to ease the emotions and come to logical solutions.”

When Michael is done working, he likes to build lego, a hobby that provides a stress outlet and allows him to be creative and produce a finished product that has order and precision. This pastime is similar to the practice of law. Like most Vancouverites, Michael is a foodie and enjoys dining out across the city trying ethnic food, but with a fondness for old time Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, where he shared many meals with this parents and grandparents.

Michael Lam
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