MacLean Law is a top-rated Vancouver law firm on Google Reviews, with a 4.8 star rating and one of the top three divorce lawyers on Three Best Rated. In 2014, 2016 and 2017 the firm was voted best Family Law Firm in Vancouver by Top Choice Awards.

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In  2014, 2016  and 2017 MacLean Family Law was voted the Best Vancouver Family Law Lawyer. Top Choice Awards recently opened nominations for 2018. We thank everyone who has voted for us in the past.  Voting for 2018 will commence after the nomination process is completed. 

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2017 Top Choice Award Winner


"As a busy and overwhelmed mum, I was trying to decide my options as my marriage fell apart. I dreaded contacting lawyers for fear of the inevitable hours and dollars this separation would take. I was tempted to stick with my misery to avoid the emotional and monetary cost. I am in awe of that first meeting with your team. Warm, friendly and practical with a non selfish layout of solutions. I ended up completing my separation paperwork and project in less than 3 months. As I enjoy my new life, I can't stop wondering if I'd have had the courage to turn my life around if it wash't for that meeting with MacLean Law."

MacLean Law Client | Jan, 2017

"This team's investment in clients is what sets them apart from other lawyers and other firms. No wonder Lorne is QC, and the firm is award winning, all acclaims well deserved. I would highly recommend to others."

MacLean Law Client | Nov 18, 2014

"The team at MacLean law was very conscientious to find ways to keep legal fees to a minimum and I have always appreciated their honest opinions. They were also highly professional and ethical, always maintaining a code of conduct even when the opposition wasn't."

MacLean Law Client | Feb 2, 2015

"….the team demonstrated a broad perspective of knowledge and wisdom in the area of family law. They conducted a thorough and comprehensive plan by collaborating with various resources and expertise."

MacLean Law Client | Feb 21, 2012

"Once you are with MacLean Law, you will see why they are the best lawyers out there. They are efficient, understanding and always have your needs met."

MacLean Law Client | Oct 5, 2014

"Fantastic Law Firm! Right from the very start, I knew I had phoned the right place."

MacLean Law Client | Oct 5, 2014

"At first during my separation my luck was not running in my favour. I quickly realized that I needed a family lawyer. I tried a small firm at first and found the lack of respect I received added more stress to an already stressful situation. By chance I heard of Maclean Family Law. I set up an appointment and instantly my luck turned back into my favour."

MacLean Law Client | 14 Feb, 2013
Top family lawyer, Lorne N. MacLean, Q.C., for Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection


"Mr MacLean and his Vancouver and Calgary team have been instrumental in the success of my case. Mr MacLean obtained equal parenting time for a child who was less than one year at the time. I highly recommend him to anyone who is going through the difficult process of a divorce. Lorne’s high energy, expertise in court and calm composure created an amazing dynamic that was exhilarating and uplifting. He is bright, caring, experienced, hard working, honest, trustworthy and above all very very good in court. Our son has a loving relationship with his father due to Mr MacLean’s brilliant presentation in court. I find Lorne MacLean to be a true professional and a friend but also a great human being. A better choice for a lawyer could not be made."

"I have been incredibly fortunate and thankful to have Lorne MacLean as my lawyer throughout my divorce. Lorne led me through this very difficult process and fought on my behalf at every turn. I know without a doubt that the outcome would have been very different if I had chosen someone other than MacLean Law to defend me. Anyone with the opportunity to have his firm represent them is unquestionably in great hands. I would highly recommend Lorne and his team. Thank you MacLean Law."

Donna White

"I retained Mr MacLean to represent me for access to my child. This was after consulting three prior lawyers who felt that obtaining equal parenting time was unlikely. Lorne oversaw the preparation of an extraordinarily thorough and convincing court application, and represented me in court, leading to a substantial increase in parenting time. We were scheduled for a longer court session 3 months later, but at the prospect of facing Mr MacLean in court again, the opposing party settled out of court, granting equal parenting time for both parents. As a father requiring legal representation for access issues, I cannot recommend this firm strongly enough. I was thoroughly impressed with their fluency and comfort in navigating the issues and how quickly they achieved success in my case (about 6 months from the time of initial consultation) despite numerous stalling tactics from the opposing party. I am grateful to Mr MacLean and his team for this excellent outcome."

MacLean Law Client

"My divorce was an arduous process. I was dealing with an ex who was dishonest and sought to bring me to my knees and leave the kids and I with nothing. He almost succeeded, until Lorne MacLean came into the picture. After things had gone horribly wrong, I met with another prominent Vancouver lawyer. I told her my story, where other lawyers had promised the moon but delivered very poor results. She agreed my case was a mess -- but she insisted she knew one lawyer who might be able to turn things around: Lorne MacLean. I met with him. He told me my case was a disaster and surmised it would be difficult to fix. Fast forward two years later: Lorne MacLean was the lawyer who could rectify my situation. Lorne knows the law. That is how he wins. He doesn't make promises he can't keep. He develops a plan, bolsters it with all the legal necessities and sets out to get the best outcome. I am thankful for the advice I received to call Mr MacLean. He is an extraordinary lawyer."

MacLean Law Client

"Lorne has done an outstanding job on my case which was extremely complex. He is accurate and quick, always up to date and his tenacity makes me wish never to have him as an opponent. He is extremely fair looking at both sides of the picture but with a great sense of humour. When things need to happen quickly, this is your man! He even delivered documents in person to my home on several occasions! No doubt top in his field and I would recommend him and his team to anyone."

MacLean Law Client | Jan 30, 2015

"I was embraced by the staff. I was never judged and never felt alone. I highly recommend this firm and personally recommend Lorne MacLean."

MacLean Law Client | Feb 21, 2012

"I am a Bahraini citizen and while on a ten-day vacation in Canada, my Canadian husband abducted my two children saying he intended to keep them in Canada. I was desperate & terrified. I came across Lorne Maclean and decided to appoint him. Words cannot express how grateful I am for his help. He and his team of lawyers had brilliant legal expertise & were able to compile all relevant evidence to win the case. Lorne's unequivocal eloquence during the hearing stumped the opposing lawyer causing the other side's case to fall apart. My case was won in three weeks; an almost unprecedented result for a custody case in Canadian courts, I am told. I am now back home with my children, after this nightmarish episode. I was lucky I found Lorne and without exaggeration I can say he saved my life."

Seema Al | Feb 10, 2014

"The case that Lorne presented was knowledgeable, well-reasoned, and fair. His courtroom presence was professional yet personable. His years of experience allowed him to appear at ease in court. Yet underneath the calm exterior, Lorne's very fine mind allowed him to respond quickly and appropriately to the judge's questions."

A Google User | Jan 22, 2014

"Lorne is organized, committed and brilliant. He fights for a father's rights, but most importantly for the rights of your children! Lorne MacLean brings the future of fatherhood to the courtroom of today and I will be forever grateful to him and his staff for all their support. Thank you Lorne."

Tony Castro | Jan 4, 2013

"Mr. MacLean is very knowledgeable and intelligent. He does not waste a moment of your time, and is highly efficient in his thought processes and communications. He is amazingly strategic and manages to pull out important issues quickly. We found him to be very respectful and understanding in his approach. Highly recommend him."

MacLean Law Client | Oct 3, 2012

"MacLean Law is by far one of the most impressive firms in Canada. Upon my initial consultation with Lorne he immediately told me how to navigate the process to achieve my desired outcome."

MacLean Law Client | Feb 21, 2012

"My whole world was given back to me. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all you’ve done."

MacLean Law Client | Nov 14, 2014

"I was looking for a lawyer to help me with my child custody issue. Mr MacLean is well versed in Family Law. His experience was reflected in how he professionally handled my case. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced in the field of Family Law. I trust his judgment and because of his experience, I was able to get the best outcome possible. I was delighted that Mr MacLean argued that it was in my son’s best interest to attend the school I attended as a child. This eliminated a long commute for him. Without Mr MacLean on my side, I believe the outcome would not be as positive. Thank you Mr MacLean and team, for your professional insight and experience in my legal matter."

MacLean Law Client | Aug 4, 2014

"The advice that I received … was invaluable and ended up saving me a great deal of money, pain and regret. There is no lawyer in the city that I would trust more to fight for my personal and family-related justice than Mr. Maclean."

MacLean Law Client | Aug 7, 2013

"Incredibly professional and dedicated. Lorne was an amazing help to me throughout my entire divorce process. I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable and easy to communicate with and I always felt that he was doing everything in his power to get me the best possible settlement. I would easily recommend Lorne’s services to anyone heading into a divorce situation or other family law matter."

MacLean Law Client | Mar 2012

"Our family hired Lorne and his firm to represent us in an extremely difficult custody case. He is the best in his field and he has proved this time and time again."

MacLean Law Client | Apr 27, 2011

"I have great things to say about Lorne MacLean and Matt Ostrow. The level of understanding is very reassuring, and the long hours, commitment to the case, and highly intelligent approach adds up to a top law firm."

MacLean Law Client | Feb 21, 2012
Vancouver Interim Spousal Support Lawyers


"While dealing with a complicated and unique family law issue I was fortunate to have Laura Allan assigned to help me. Her knowledge and attention to my case was great and truly appreciated. Being my first time interacting with a lawyer she made all our interactions informative laying out all possible options and informing me when what i wanted was not the best way to go which i really appreciated. She was able to solve my issue without the courts involvement and to everyone's satisfaction. I would highly recommend her and MacLean Law to anyone requiring help in family matters."

MacLean Law Client
Audra Bayer, Kelowna Family & Divorce Lawyer


"The world needs more lawyers like Audra Bayer. She walked into the initial meeting with my son and told him that the money he would potentially spend on her fees could be invested in his education or a trip to Disneyland. She is a very strong advocate for mediation and collaborative parenting, keeping the best interests of the child first & foremost. She provided clear, honest opinions and direction - she is knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to her client's best interests. She is a true credit to her profession. Thank you Audra."

MacLean Law Client

"Audra has been representing my needs for over two years. Her practice was highly recommended to me by a close friend. I am very thankful I found someone like her. Not only did she counsel me at one of the worst periods in my life, she ensured that I understood the long term benefits of a collaborative approach. It was immediately apparent that she was well respected. Her relationships with my personal therapist and other lawyers instilled the highest level of trust within me. I credit Audra for motivating me to see beyond the anger and hurt. I have grown as person as a result and my family exited the divorce process set up for success in our new chapter. She is clearly one of the best and recommend that anyone seeking a family law attorney look her up first."

MacLean Law Client

"Simply put, Audra is an outstanding lawyer. She knows her stuff inside and out. I highly recommend her to anyone needing legal family advice. In my opinion, she is the best lawyer anyone can have. And others whom she has represented agree."

MacLean Law Client

"Audra helped me get through a very stressful divorce. Her clear guidance and sound legal advice kept me focused on what is most important to me - my children. Her ethics are outstanding and are a welcome shining light in a dark convoluted process. Audra's quality of work is top notch and very thorough. She caught mistakes made by my ex's lawyer that saved me money and aggravation. Her fees were reasonable and the end result was positive. I would recommend her to any person who deserves her help. She is a good person who means well and truly wants to help you settle your family law matters in the least painful way possible."

MacLean Law Client

"Audra has been a great lawyer that helped me get access to my child after suffering for years. She has been always prompt in responding to all my concerns ."

MacLean Law Client

"Audra was the 4th lawyer I met with my very complex divorce. She is in a completely different league, the PROFESSIONAL league OF LAWYERS. I just had a 2 hour consultation with her and she had a game plan, great practical new advice and pointed out areas of concern. She is a well informed lawyer with strong values and opinions. A no nonsense woman. My time and money could have been better spent! Thx Audra"

MacLean Law Client

"When I met with Audra I liked her right away. She was warm, understanding and spoke in a language that I understood. As soon as she saw my final order she knew that the previous lawyer did everything sloppy and rushed. Audra guided me in the right direction because before I met her I didn't feel heard or understood by the other fool. She was very positive and I left the consultation in confidence. Thank you Audra."

MacLean Law Client

"Audra took on my case which was described by all the professionals we used (accountants and actuaries) as the most complicated case they had ever dealt with. The opposing counsel could not understand the nuances of the accounting but Audra did her best to explain all issues at great frustration to us. The case had stagnated for 4 years but Audra gripped it and was able to bring the case to a favourable resolution after just over one year. Had it not been for her tenacity, perseverance and incredible knowledge of family law I would still be in the quagmire of opposing counsel who was unable to understand the accounting of my case. Audra cares and takes personal pride in providing the best for her clients. It was a pleasure and an honour to have her work for me. I consider her not just the best family lawyer I have ever met but also a good friend. Thank you Audra."

MacLean Law Client

"After a number of incompetent lawyers I was luckily referred to Audra by a friend and was immediately impressed with her straight forward approach. She understood my situation and represented me in a fair and professional fashion, providing the proper advice, fair billing, prompt service when called upon and pushed my divorce along, and most importantly looking after my future needs. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a family law practitioner. I hopefully won't require her services again but if I did..."

MacLean Law Client
james-cudmore - Maclean Law


"Your colleague Mr. James Cudmore showed assertiveness and drive. It was what I needed to take on the fight for my son. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. MacLean Family Law met and exceeded my expectations."

MacLean Law Client
Spencer MacLean, MacLean Law, Surrey, BC


"Spencer provided superior advice in my complex international high net worth custody property division and support case. He was available to me all hours of the day, a very kind, soft spoken attorney, yet aggressive when the case called for it. I was overly satisfied with his attention to the case, and I'll never regret leaving previous Lawyer for his services."

MacLean Law Client

"Spencer brought all my 3 very tough cases to a massive victory on each of the several court appearances. They were all resolved to my absolute satisfaction. These 3 court dealings were on various subjects of the family law and all were decided in the favour of the child. He helped by the intelligent professional advice and fair and proper positioning of the facts. He was also accessible and this minimized my stress, helped me to control my emotions and produce a balanced and reasonable draft argumentation for my affidavit. Spencer was always there to communicate with passion, come up with own ideas, deliver in miracle short times and under a huge time pressure, often outside office hours. He was also open to my opinions (I found this rare in other Vancouver firms) and polish them. He was determined to win and an excellent liaison with other lawyers in the firm to the benefit of my case."

MacLean Law Client
Tal Wolf of MacLean Law


"Mr. Wolf has handled countless family law matters from initial claim, through complex chambers applications and trial (or collaborative resolution) in Supreme and Provincial Court registries throughout British Columbia, under both the Family Law Act and the Divorce Act."

alterMacLean Law is by far one of the most impressive firms in Canada. Upon my initial consultation with Lorne he immediately told me how to navigate the process to achieve my desired outcome. alter