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MacLean Law - Top Vancouver Family Lawyer 2018

MacLean Law – Top Vancouver Family Lawyer 2018

We recognize that when you choose MacLean Law to help you resolve your family matters, you’re entrusting us with your life well-being. We take that seriously.

Our mission is to help you triumph over complex family circumstances so that you can move forward to better times. We’re passionate about devising empowering family solutions that will allow you to move past your obstacles to a full, rich future. It’s vital to us that you not only resolve but transcend your family challenges.

We’re dedicated to earning your trust so that we can create a collaborative relationship built on candid, open dialogue. That helps us best get to know you as a whole person, to fully understand the sensitive intricacies of your family situation, and to uncover your most deeply desired family outcomes.

We’ve assembled a bright, highly devoted, motivated team that’s uniquely structured to allow us to respond nimbly, proactively, and innovatively to your needs. Where beneficial, we also partner with select other highly regarded family support professionals to provide you with the most comprehensive assistance necessary to best address your particular family law needs.

Drawing on the depth and breadth of our expertise, experience, and well-honed emotional intelligence, we’ve made it our purpose to help you distill the complicated and challenging so you can break through to strategic, creative, practical and positive family solutions.

With impeccable service as the backbone of our reputation at MacLean Law, we hold a heartfelt commitment to improve your life through our work. That commitment is demonstrated by the professional certifications and designations we pursue, our participation in professional associations, our pursuit of ongoing education to continually enhance and expand our expertise and experience, our community service, and more. Our overriding aim is to provide you with the right support and empower you to make the right decisions to successfully resolve your family matters. The MacLean Law team includes lawyers who are:

  • Trained in Collaborative Law Practice
  • Expertly trained, highly experienced court litigators
  • Holders of the Queens’ Council (Q.C.) designation
  • Members of the Judicial Council of BC
  • Experienced in Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act (ISO)
  • Members of the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster
  • Engaged in precedent-setting appearances before the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Members of the Canadian Bar Association’s National Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
  • Participants in the Rural Education and Access to Lawyers programme
  • Fluent in a number of languages, including French, Punjabi and Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, German, Farsi, Hebrew, Russian, Urdi
  • Guests for the Family Matters TV show, hosted by Judge Harvey Brownstone
  • Expert resources for the media, to help interpret family law news and changes for the general public
  • Contributors to various community programs
  • Voted Best Vancouver Family Lawyer by Top Choice Awards

We know from experience that those who progress the most successfully through a separation or divorce are people who can envision and move on to a gratifying new life chapter. You can be that success story with our dedicated guidance.



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alterMacLean Law is by far one of the most impressive firms in Canada. Upon my initial consultation with Lorne he immediately told me how to navigate the process to achieve my desired outcome. alter