Top Calgary Family Lawyers help resolve matters successfully. When you have a high stakes Calgary family law financial, or child custody and parenting time dispute it pays to hire the best Calgary divorce and Calgary family lawyers. Hiring a firm with a pedigree for setting new law in Canada’s highest courts can improve your outcome and your chances of a prompt settlement.

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Managing Senior Associate Peter Graburn looks forward to meeting with you at our Calgary family law office in person. Click here to see our list of Calgary family lawyers service areas.

The Calgary family lawyers at MacLean Law bring our multiple award-winning “Best Family Law Firm” team to Calgary. Our Calgary family lawyers focus on working with each family law client to explore solutions including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and if necessary our skilled litigators will not hesitate to use the court system to obtain a just result. The lawyers at the MacLean Family Law Calgary office use discretion and a focused approach to protecting our clients’ finances, business relationships and just as importantly, our clients’ reputations. Our Calgary family lawyers act in all Calgary Courts primarily at the Calgary Courts Centre.

Hiring an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer pays dividends in increasing your chances of a fair settlement.

Lorne N. MacLean, QC handles high net worth and complex custody and parenting time disputes and has a stellar background in handling cases involving tens of thousands a month of child and spousal support and millions of dollars of personal and corporate assets in trial courts, Appeal Courts and in the Supreme Court of Canada. Recent wins include a judgment where spousal and child support monthly payments totalled over $83,000 a month.

Our tenacious and creative Calgary family lawyers are known for their discretion in handling high net worth matrimonial property division, complex shared property, exempt property and shareable property valuation and distributive tax issues as well as corporate reorganizations. Lorne N. MacLean, QC, our founder and one of Canada’s most skilled family lawyers, supports select oil patch executives, entrepreneurs and professionals from our MacLean Family Law Calgary office in relationship breakdown disputes involving high stakes financial issues. Mr. MacLean has also carved out an enviable niche in Calgary with a number of successful shared parenting successes in the Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench.

Calgary Matrimonial Property and Debt Division

If you have a difficult child guardianship or custody case, high income, or complex matrimonial property and debt division dispute involving your spouse, call our Calgary family lawyers at our MacLean Family Law Calgary Office today to review your options. Don’t be paralyzed into inaction when our top rated divorce and family law lawyers can chart a plan to help you resolve your family matter. Lorne N. MacLean, QC’s track record for success in the Supreme Court of Canada includes the leading Canadian child custody case of Young, the controversial spousal support case of Leskun and the leading Canadian case on valuation and division of on stock broker’s books of business in Lightle. Mr MacLean regularly blogs on topics of importance to Calgary family lawyers and their clients.

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MacLean Family Law is a multiple winner of Top Choice Awards best family law firm and now you have access to Lorne N. MacLean, QC’s team in Calgary with Peter Graburn as the managing senior associate in Calgary.

When you face a high stakes financial or complex child custody and parenting time dispute you would be wise to consult with our Calgary divorce and separation lawyers at our MacLean Family Law Calgary office located in the West Tower Bankers Hall, 888 3 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5C5.

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I highly recommend Ms. Aman Kahlon as was very patient, determined, smart and understanding. She is very professional and handles herself well in every situation. We won our court case of a single father becoming primary guardian of the children which is rare for this to happen. Thanks to Aman and her team who stayed focused till the bitter sweet end of VICTORY. Ms. Aman Kahlon thank you so much for all your hard work and your team. You were our first family lawyer and I'm so grateful for the who MacLean Family Law more
Shari Schnurr
13:46 31 Aug 17
I have a strong feeling of support with Mr MacLean, for the past years I have been through many lawyers never feeling that they had the backbones necessary to get it done. Mr MacLean believes that children do not forfeit the love and guidance of two caring parents just because of separation, he was the lead counsel in Young V Young the leading Canadian case on maximum contact by children to both parents and believes shared custody promotes the best outcome for children and allows for both the parents and children to win. Passionate, focussed, tireless and intelligent he puts in a lot of energy which makes you believe in brighter days. Highly recommended for Calgary complex and high conflict cases he is the one to get things to move along with haste. Stop wondering who to hire and finally begin your journey with confidence. He is knowledgable and understands alienation, which ultimately will protect your child's best more
00:51 07 Jul 16
Lorne N. MacLean, QC successfully represented me in a complex fertility law and assisted human reproduction AHRT case. He is brilliant, tireless, professional and cares about his clients like his family.I would highly recommend him to anyone needed a top family lawyer when they are faced with a complex high stakes family law caseread more
Irene Kovalenko
17:46 11 Jul 16
Top Calibre Firm! I was drawn to MacLean Law after seeing multiple articles of their precedent setting cases.....the advice I received was clear, professional, specific to my circumstances and compassionate. I highly recommend more
Sarah Chipperfield
20:56 10 Jun 16
I met Amandeep Kahlon when she volunteered with the Calgary Police Service. She helped me obtain my rights as a father and made sure I had parenting time with my sons. I now have my sons majority of the time of the time and before I had them only once a month. I spent much money with another lawyer before I became frustrated but Ms. Kahlon helped me solve my problems quickly and at a reasonable price. She is the best and I recommend her to everyone. I wish her luck. Thank you Amandeep!!!!!!read more
Jared Plec
04:30 08 Jul 16
Mr Maclean and his team has been very instrumental in the success of my case. Mr Maclean obtained equal parenting time for a child who was less than one-year-old at the time.I highly recommend him to anyone who is going through the difficult process of a divorce.Lorne’s high energy, expertise’s in court and calm composure created an amazing dynamic that was exhilarating and uplifting. He is bright, caring, experienced, hard working, honest, trustworthy and above all very very good in court. Our son has a loving relationship with his father due to Mr Maclean’s brilliant presentation in court. I find Lorne Maclean a true professional and a friend but also a great human being. A better choice for a lawyer could not be more
Gary A
18:24 14 Jun 16
Words cannot express the gratitude I owe to Aman Khalon and her team (Nikolina Maric & Christina Johnson) for the tireless work they did to restore life back into my soul. As time was of the essence in my matter, Aman listened patiently to my circumstances, drew up a solid plan and started work immediately. Aman did all the leg work and even waited patiently for 3 hours in court to get the necessary signatures the same day she was in court. In just a week, this devoted dad had his child safely back in his arms. I sleep well at night now knowing that I have entrusted the rest of the matter in the hands of a very capable Counsel- Aman Khalon. I remain ever indebted to you and your team at Maclean Law. I will always recommend your Firm to anyone faced with a similar more
Obi Okoye
17:10 19 Jan 18
I have had the privilege of having Mr Peter Graburn has my lawyer for the passed four year. He is an excellent attorney and I was more then pleased with the work he has done for me. He was very compassionate with helping me deal with a narcissistic former spouse.MacLean Law is very fortunate to have he in their more
Susan Busch
00:20 20 Feb 18
alterFantastic law firm! Right from the very start, I knew I had called the right team. alter