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Lorne Maclean, Q.C.- Founder, Maclean Family Law

Lorne MacLean, Q.C. is the founder of MacLean Law and one of Canada’s most experienced and highly rated family lawyers.

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Top family lawyer, Lorne N. MacLean, Q.C., for Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection
MacLean LawPractising family law is more than a career–it is my calling. I thrive on helping people move forward. I have gone and will go to the Supreme Court of Canada to achieve a fair and positive result for my client.MacLean Law
Lorne MacLean
Lorne Maclean - Family Lawyer
MLLorne MacLean knows the law. That is how he wins.
He doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. He develops a plan, bolsters it with all legal necessities and sets out for the best outcome.
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Lorne MacLean - Divorce & Separation Lawyer Vancouver
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Lorne MacLean - Founder, MacLean Family Law
Lorne MacLean - Divorce and Separation Lawyer


Lorne N. MacLean, Q.C. (Queen’s Counsel) is the founder of top-rated MacLean Law and one of Canada’s most experienced and highly rated family lawyers dedicated to family law and divorce in British Columbia. Lorne has successfully protected clients’ rights since 1983 in the field of high-net-worth and complex family law disputes, including such aspects as spousal and child support, property division, child custody, guardianship and access, and marriage-like relationships. He has earned a reputation as a tough yet thoughtful advocate for his clients.

Lorne MacLean’s Q.C. designation is an honour that recognizes his exceptional merit and contribution to the BC legal profession. He is also a member of the Judicial Council of British Columbia.

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Lorne MacLean, QC, Certificate of Excellence, 2019

Lorne has had the rare honour of making two appearances before the Supreme Court of Canada on behalf of the appellants in complex family law cases. Young v. Young remains the leading case on child custody in Canada and Leskun v. Leskun established key principles to be applied to spousal support decisions and when support can be reviewed. He also successfully represented Juanita Nott in Canada’s first frozen embryo custody dispute.

Lorne’s most recent high net asset victory was Lightle v. Kotar, where spousal support was nearly tripled and for the first time, a stock broker’s book of business was deemed family property.

In addition to his courtroom work, Lorne has published prolifically on numerous topics relating to BC family law and BC divorce. He is a video and blog author and frequent guest on radio and television shows, including Judge Harvey Brownstone’s popular legal education show “Family Matters.” A sought-after resource for both Canadian and US magazines and newspapers, he has also served as a guest lecturer at the UBC Law School and has lectured and been interviewed about his multiple innovations in the efficient delivery of client-based services that increase clients’ participation in–and reduce clients’ costs of–their cases. He also provides considerable free family law information to the general public.

Lorne lives life to the fullest, loves jazz music, strategy games, and travelling with his family. He especially loves to find the “hidden gems” in the city he visits on his world travels. Along with keeping his mind sharp, Lorne is likewise avid about keeping physically healthy with bootcamps and crossfit.

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