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Drawing on the depth and breadth of our expertise, we’ll help you distill the complicated so you can break through to strategic and positive family solutions.

Discovering Hidden Family Assets Lawyers

Discovering hidden family assets lawyers play a key role in protecting spouses and the courts from dishonesty and malfeasance. In high net worth cases, where MacLean Law set recent records for discovering missing millions and punishing non disclosing spouses with jail time and special costs awards in the millions – the stakes are even higher. […]

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Toronto Common Law Property Rights Alert. Did you know many jurisdictions across Canada now treat common-law couples the same as married couples as far as dividing family property on relationship breakdown? Unfortunately, Toronto Common Law Property Rights are not equal to married couples’ property rights in Ontario. Peter Graburn senior Calgary and Toronto family lawyer […]

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Toronto Adult Child Support

Toronto Adult Child Support Alienation and Estrangement cases involve how child support may be impacted when a child wants nothing to do with the support paying parent. Does a parent need to pay child support to a child who refuses to speak to or see them? It’s a heartbreaking situation. Cases focus on the cause […]

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Best Edmonton Family Lawyers

Looking for the best Edmonton family lawyers? Family law is a unique and often complicated area of law: very personal, very emotional, but also legally challenging. The Best Edmonton Family Lawyers know that family law involves a unique mixture of personal and legal issues, delivered with an understanding of both the law and the individual […]

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Best Penticton Family Lawyers

The Best Penticton Family Lawyers focus on helping medium to high net worth Penticton business owners, professionals, and their spouses who supported them through their careers at home raising the children, achieve a fair resolution of important family financial and child parenting issues. The Best Penticton Family Lawyers know every divorce is a big divorce […]

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Best Kamloops Family Lawyers

Are you researching who the Best Kamloops Family lawyers are? Fraser MacLean is a rising family law star at MacLean Law and a chip off the old block of his father.  Fraser is a graduate of Thompson Rivers University Law School who already has amassed several successful and reported BC family law judgments including wins […]

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 Toronto Family Law Mediation – Arbitration

Toronto family law Mediation – Arbitration is an exciting way of promptly resolving family law disputes in Toronto and the rest of Ontario. Senior Toronto and Calgary family lawyer Peter Graburn explains the benefits of using  Toronto Family Law Mediation – Arbitration. MacLean Law has offices across Canada and our Toronto family lawyers office is […]

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Best Toronto Family Lawyers

When you have a high stakes family law case involving protecting your children and your finances you want to research the Best Toronto Family Lawyer. The Best Toronto Family Lawyers help separated Toronto married and common-law spouses successfully resolve: Toronto divorces; Toronto family separations; Toronto child custody and parenting time and guardianship disagreements; Toronto child […]

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Best Vancouver Child Custody Lawyers

The best Vancouver child custody lawyers understand that after your breakup, you might be concerned about whom your ex-spouse allows to spend time with your child, or even care for your child for extended periods.  If this other person is a new romantic partner of your ex, you likely would be even more sensitive about […]

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