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Vancouver Undue Influence Estate Litigation

Vancouver Undue Influence Estate Litigation lawyers deal with cases where a property has been transferred to someone or a Will has provided a bequest to someone who was in a position to influence the deceased person to make the “gift”. But many cases involve gifts to family members who have a close relationship with the […]

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Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers

Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers handle cases involving unfair wills, undue influence claims and elder abuse prevention and protection cases. The Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers are led by senior family law and estate litigator, Lorne N. MacLean, QC. Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers Call 1 877 602 9900 In today’s blog, Lorne N MacLean, QC explains how […]

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Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers

Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers help protect vulnerable seniors from Vancouver financial elder abuse and Vancouver physical elder abuse. In today’s blog, top rated* family lawyer Lorne N MacLean, QC founder of MacLean Family Law’s Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers gives a quick summary of how protecting vulnerable senior family members from physical abuse goes hand in hand […]

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Vancouver Undue Influence Will Dispute

Our Vancouver undue influence Will dispute lawyers welcome the new changes to undue influence disputes related to elderly and infirm testators. Formerly, when a deceased gave a bequest to a close family member or third party where suspicious circumstances on the bequest existed, the person raising the issue of undue or improper influence existed faced […]

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Vancouver Testamentary Capacity Suspicious Circumstances

What happens when someone changes their will twice just before death while suffering from a fast progressing fatal illness? Testamentary capacity can be impaired at this time and there can be a danger of undue influence over the fast declining will maker raising concerns over BC testamentary capacity suspicious circumstances. Our experienced BC testamentary capacity […]

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BC Unfair Wills Joint Tenancy

The estate litigation and BC Unfair Wills Joint Tenancy lawyers at MacLean Law regularly update British Columbians on key developments in unfair BC Wills and estate dispute cases. A recent BC decision provides a tidy summary of the law on BC Unfair Wills Joint Tenancy issues. We warn you that this case was decided under the old […]

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Surrey Wills Variation, WESA, Estate Dispute Lawyers

Our Surrey Wills Variation, BC WESA and Surrey Estate Litigation lawyers note that unfair wills can be successfully challenged by disappointed beneficiaries. The will maker’s decision is entitled to deference if their decision is valid and rational but a will can be varied under certain circumstances. If you feel you have be unfairly left out […]

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