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5 Best Provincial Family Court Tips

5 Best Provincial Family Court Tips can help you and your children move forward successfully after separation. Provincial Family Court is the People’s Court. It handles the largest number of family law cases in Alberta and BC and makes key decisions affecting spouses, children and other family members. Family law impacts more Canadians than any […]

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BC Child Mobility Relocation Lawyers

BC Child Mobility Relocation Lawyers at MacLean law handle child mobility, child relocation, and child move away cases on a regular basis. The Family Law Act has its own set of rules for relocation and the Divorce Act is now in the process of setting up a new set of rules that will take effect […]

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Supervised Child Access Parenting Time

Supervised Child Access Parenting Time has to balance the need of a child to maintain maximum contact with both parents while ensuring the child’s best interests are promoted and the child remains safe. The Supreme Court of Canada says the determination of the child’s best interests requires a full and sensitive inquiry. The inquiry must […]

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Custody of your Child!

The experienced BC Family Lawyers at MacLean Law know that one of the hardest parts of splitting up is splitting the time that each of you get with your children. As you read this, the child custody issue may already have “blown up” between you and your ex. They already may have threatened to fight […]

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New BC Divorce Act Changes Relocation

New BC Divorce Act Changes Relocation Lawyers at MacLean Law took the time to extract the new sections from Bill 78 that received Royal assent in the third week of June 2019 week. Guidelines were given under the BC Family Law Act in 2013 but our NEW BC DIVORCE ACT CHANGES RELOCATION LAWYERS noted inconsistent […]

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New Changes To Canadas Divorce Act

MacLean Law’s New Changes To Canada’s Divorce Act Lawyers note that Bill C-78 to update the Divorce Act, 1985 was tabled a year ago and received Royal assent on June 21 2019. Here’s the link to the bill and a past article from the Globe. This is the first time the 1985 Divorce Act will […]

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Surrey Child Abduction Return Lawyers

Surrey Child Abduction Return Lawyers at MacLean Law deal with cases involving the denial of parenting time and the wrongful removal of a child from the child’s home base. These wrongful child removals may be within British Columbia or across Canada or even around the world. Robert McQueen,  head of our  Surrey Child Abduction Return […]

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Vancouver BC Hague Abduction Lawyers

Vancouver BC Hague Abduction Lawyers deal with cases involving disputes children who may have been wrongfully removed from another country. The Hague Convention on Child Abduction does not apply to cases where a child is taken to a new province or territory in Canada as these disputes are governed by sections 61, 64 and 72-79 […]

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IVF Frozen Embryo Dispute

IVF Frozen Embryo Dispute cases are becoming more common. Specific Canadian statutory sections and regulations require the consent of both  “parents” without a current clause allowing the court to decide tough cases. Our skilled IVF Frozen Embryo Dispute lawyers predict a Charter of Rights challenge will be filed in the near future to enable a […]

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