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victoria family lawyers

The Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers provide strategic counsel to allow Victoria family law clients to resolve challenging family law disputes involving children, support, and Victoria family property division. MacLean Law’s  downtown Victoria family law and estate litigation office is located at Suite A02- 810 Humboldt Street. Call us at 250 434 5794 to get the winning strategies you need.

Our Victoria family lawyers team is headed by Lorne MacLean, KC, the Honourable Keith Bracken and Fraser MacLean.

Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers
Victoria Family and Divorce Lawyers, MacLean KC, Hon. Bracken, F. MacLean and J. Emmond

Contact Us Now At 250 434 5794

MacLean Law Wins Award of Excellence For Best Canadian Family law Firm

Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers


Maclean Law’s team of 22 family lawyers acts across BC and in Calgary, Alberta. Our firm handles complex and international high net worth family law and divorce cases. We have won numerous awards for excellence in winning cases for our clients. We recently set the record for the highest:

  • spousal support award at $100,000 per month;
  • special costs award of $1.5 million in a family case;
  • monetary fines for non compliance with family orders.
  • amount of family property frozen under a Mareva Injunction

amongst other precedent setting decisions.

The best Victoria family lawyers handle:

  • Victoria high net income child and spousal support cases;
  • Victoria high net worth property cases, involving family trusts, corporations, and excluded property;
  • Victoria child parenting time and relocation disputes;
  • Victoria personal and property protection orders;
  • Victoria undisclosed family property investigations
  • Victoria prenuptial and marriage agreements
  • Victoria separation and mediated settlement agreements

Your relationship is over, but you don’t want it ending up in an acrimonious court battle unless necessary. So how do you find and hire the Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers?

Lorne MacLean
Lorne MacLean, Q.C., Founder of MacLean Family Law

Founded by Lorne MacLean, Q.C., MacLean Law is a multi-award-winning divorce and family law firm with 6 offices across BC. Our lawyers have helped set new law, obtained record-breaking financial awards, and routinely assist in complex and international family law cases. MacLean Law family lawyers have helped thousands of family law clients successfully resolve their Victoria, BC, and Alberta family law matters. We routinely help clients in Victoria and Nanaimo resolve their family law and divorce matters. Contact our Victoria family law and divorce lawyers early on after separation to ensure your family law rights are protected.

Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers 250 434 5794

Here are some of the best ways to locate and hire the Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers:

  1. Hire a lawyer and their law firm team with focused experience in the areas of family and divorce law, make sure they have a track record in divorce, separation, child support, spousal support, family violence prevention, and family property and debt division. Associate lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants are critical to a successful outcome for your case and for keeping legal costs down. The best Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers will introduce you to their well functioning team.
  2. Focus on hiring the Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers whose law firms specialize in the type of family law matter you are facing.
  3. Focus on hiring calm, strategic, and pragmatic lawyers who focus on successfully resolving your case. The  Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers look to solve problems promptly, rather than create them.
  4. Check ratings and reviews from, Top Choice Top Family Law Firms, threebestrated, Doyle’s Guide, and Google reviews. MacLean Law is highly ranked by all of these review sites. We have been named Vancouver’s top family law firm for the past 8 years in a row, Lorne MacLean, QC has been named top three divorce lawyers in Vancouver, Surrey, and Richmond for the last several years, Lorne MacLean, KC has been named a leading Canadian lawyer by Doyle’s law Guide and our firm’s Google ratings are stellar.
  5. Look for a firm with Queen’s Counsel lawyers such as our founder Lorne MacLean, QC. Queen’s Counsel comprise just 6 percent of the bar and are recognized with the Queen’s counsel title for their excellent performance and dedication to the legal system,
  6. Ensure your lawyer is child-focused as children are the most precious asset of your relationship and you must ensure they are protected as your prime directive.
  7. Check out the best Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers track records for success on family law cases such as your own. Have they argued the leading cases? MacLean Law lawyers established the “maximum contact” principle Canada’s leading child custody case in Young v Young SCC, spousal support principles in Leskun v. Leskun SCC, and MacLean Law founder Lorne MacLean, QC won the highest spouse and child support interim award of roughly $100,000 per month, and the highest permanent child and spousal support at $116,000 a month recently. We have also won international high net worth worldwide injunctions, lifetime protection orders, 100% reapportionment of family property, and record special costs awards of up to $1,500,000 against misbehaving spouses. A track record of wins often leads to opposing lawyers wanting to settle the case rather than face MacLean Law lawyers in court.
  8. Ask prior clients of the lawyer for how pleased they were and sometimes even opposing parties can tell you they wish they hired the lawyer their spouse retained!

We know separating is upsetting. Call us to get a strategy to move forward successfully for both you and your children. Fraser MacLean supports our Victoria family law clientele. Fraser MacLean has successfully appeared at all levels of BC Courts and just won a dismissal of a family law appeal in the BC Court of Appeal.

Best Victoria Family Divorce Lawyers
MacLean wins BIV BC 500 leading business people for high net worth BC family lawyers


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*Canadian Lawyer Magazine winner as 25 Most Influential Canadian lawyers, Business In Vancouver 2022 Winner High Net worth family Law Lawyer, Top Choice Award best Vancouver Family Firm (2014, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022), Top rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated multiple repeat winners as top family lawyers in Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond for the past several years and Lexpert rising star winner. Read more about our awards.