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Covid-19 Child Travel Dispute Lawyers

Our Covid-19 Child Travel Dispute Lawyers handle all time of child parenting time, vaccination and travel disputes. Omicron has ramped up health fears for parents and their children. When parents are separated these issues often reach a flashpoint and require a judge to decide issues. Lorne MacLean, QC and Sophie Bartholomew won BC’s first contested […]

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Family Mediation Settlement Privilege

Family Mediation Settlement Privilege lawyers discuss the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision of Bouvier. In today’s blog, by Peter Graburn, we discuss the rules on when settlement details from a family mediation can be disclosed. Our family lawyers act across British Columbia and in Calgary and Toronto. Family Mediation Settlement Privilege 1 877 602 9900 […]

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Best Prenup Cohabitation Agreement Lawyers

Best Prenup Cohabitation Agreement Lawyers understand people in a new committed relationship wonder whether it makes sense to plan for the future in the good times in case their relationship does not work out. Tal Wolf, our Vancouver based senior marriage agreement lawyer explains the pros and cons of prenuptial and marriage agreements. Should I […]

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Best Ways To Stop Parental Alienation

What are the best ways to stop parental alienation? In today’s blog Peter Graburn, senior family lawyer at MacLean Law explains what parental alienation is and the ways to stop this heartbreaking pattern of abuse. Call us toll free across Canada at 1 877 602 9900 Best Ways To Stop Parental Alienation 1 877 602 […]

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Vancouver BC Unfair Wills Variation

Vancouver BC Unfair Wills Variation cases are on the rise as a result of the current pent up intergenerational wealth transfers caused by surging real estate and stock values. In today’s blog founder Lorne MacLean, QC reviews a new Unfair Wills variation case. MacLean Law has offices across BC and in Calgary and Toronto. Contact […]

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SUICIDE & SEPARATION – WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP. In today’s important blog, Audra Bayer of our Kelowna office provides some key advice to help prevent suicide or self harm after separation. If you have concerns for yourself or a loved one call the information lines set out below or reach out to one […]

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Best Calgary Divorce Lawyers

Our Best* Calgary Divorce Lawyers will help you negotiate a settlement that allows for an uncontested divorce with agreed financial and child parenting and guardianship relief. Our modern approach is to negotiate, mediate and arbitrate a fair settlement and failing that we will tenaciously proceed to trial. Maclean Law’s expanded Calgary divorce lawyers office medium […]

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Best Interim Spousal Support Lawyers

The Best Interim Spousal Support Lawyers help clients obtain top results including record interim spousal support awards. Our interim spousal support lawyers have set records in medium to high net worth spousal support and child support cases involving business owners professionals and other successful spouses.  We share some of the best strategies to help you […]

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Spousal Support Variation Termination Lawyers

Experienced Spousal Support Variation Termination Lawyers at MacLean Law advance and defend these claims with finesse. Spousal support, whether you are paying it, or receiving it, you want to know when the amount might change or stop.   Will you have to keep paying, even if you lose your job?  Will you receive less, if the […]

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