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Calgary Division Of Stock Options On Separation

Calgary Division of Stock Options on Separation is an important question our Calgary family lawyers deal with related to Calgary and Alberta division of matrimonial property. In today’s blog, Brianne Beckie, Student-at-Law at our Calgary office explains how the matrimonial property division of stock options works. She works with Peter Graburn to provide our Calgary […]

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Vancouver Surrey Family Financial Non Disclosure

Vancouver Surrey Family Financial Non-Disclosure lawyers discuss Credibility and Nondisclosure in family cases and why non-disclosure on even one issue can cause devastating consequences to the perpetrator. Susanna Chen, a rising star at our Vancouver office speaks fluent Mandarin. In today’s blog, Susanna explains why it is unwise to hide income or assets and how […]

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Sale of Family Home On Separation

Sale of Family Home On Separation lawyers understand that when a BC family separation occurs the parties will now need 2 residences instead of just one. But how will the new home be paid for while the spouses are trying to settle the issues of child parenting time, child support, spousal support and division of […]

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Best Judicial Case Conference JCC Tips

Best Judicial Case Conference JCC Tips will help you focus the family law issues in front of a Judge and help narrow the dispute or ideally settle your family law case at an early stage. MacLean Law’s Best Judicial Case Conference JCC Tips are designed to save you time, money and stress. Audra Bayer is […]

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Calgary Matrimonial Home Exclusive Possession

Calgary Matrimonial Home Exclusive Possession cases are important to our Calgary family law clients and this step often happens early in Calgary family law proceedings. This is the third in a series of blogs on how the Alberta family home is treated on separation. Senior Calgary family lawyers member, Peter Graburn explains how Calgary Matrimonial […]

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Best* Calgary Family Lawyers

The Best* Calgary Family Lawyers help clients deal with divorce, separation, child custody, spousal and child support and matrimonial property division issues. MacLean Law’s Calgary Family Lawyers office has a near-perfect Google Review Score from our satisfied clients and MacLean Law is a 5 time Gold Medal repeat winner as Vancouver’s Best Family Law Firm […]

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Calgary Separation Home Sale Lawyers

Calgary Separation Home Sale Lawyers help separated Calgary family law clients, negotiate, mediate, arbitrate or litigate the division or sale of the Calgary family home. Peter Graburn, our senior Calgary family lawyer, writes this article as the second one on the important topic of what happens to the Calgary matrimonial home on separation. Series Part […]

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Vancouver Finding Hidden Family Property

Vancouver Finding Hidden Family Assets lawyers are skilled at finding hidden family property, exposing family debts, and finding missing guideline income. MacLean Law family law lawyers have won Top Choice, client voted top Vancouver family law firm for 5 of the past 6 years. Lorne MacLean, QC has been named threeBest divorce lawyer for Vancouver […]

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Vancouver Unfair Marriage Agreement Lawyers

Vancouver Unfair Marriage Agreement Lawyers deal with cases where one party that has signed a marriage, prenup or cohabitation agreement wants to attack the fairness of that agreement on separation. Marriage agreements, as well as prenups and cohabitation agreements,  can be attacked and set aside on common law grounds of: unconscionability, lack of independent legal […]

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