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Overnight Child Parenting Time

Overnight Child Parenting Time lawyers at MacLean Law act across Canada with offices across BC and in Calgary and Toronto. In today’s blog senior Calgary associate, Peter Graburn explains decisions in this area from across Canada. Parenting capacity and an individualized assessment of the child’s temperament are key. Clearly, the more involved each parent has […]

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Covid-19 Parenting Time Disputes

BC and Canadian Covid-19 Parenting Time Disputes can involve: brand new applications for parenting time, changes to former parenting time plans because of Covid-19, and disputes, where a parent wants to reestablish the former parenting time plan after parenting time was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic Today, hardworking Fort St. John lawyer Jaye Rutledge will […]

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Vancouver Paternity Test Lawyers

Our top-rated Vancouver Paternity Test Lawyers know that DNA paternity tests also called DNA parentage testing applications have become a television spectacle thanks to shows hosted by the likes of Maury and Jerry Springer. In family court, applications concerning paternity tests are frequently brought forward, and judges can make an order that a party takes […]

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Vancouver Canadian Immigration Family Sponsorship

Vancouver Canadian Immigration Family Sponsorship lawyers explain how Canadian Family sponsorship immigration cases are affected a family separation or divorce. We also warn that it makes sense to hire an experienced Vancouver immigration lawyer to ensure your application has the best chance of success. Vancouver Canadian Immigration Family Sponsorship 1 877 602 9900 Four Important […]

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Working With Your Family Law Team

Our Working With Your Family Law Team Tips are designed to help you and the top family lawyers at MacLean Law create a synergy that effectively and successfully helps your resolve your family law matter. Top family lawyers know having top family paralegals and administrative professionals on the legal team lead to quality legal services […]

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Best Judicial Case Conference JCC Tips

Best Judicial Case Conference JCC Tips will help you focus the family law issues in front of a Judge and help narrow the dispute or ideally settle your family law case at an early stage. MacLean Law’s Best Judicial Case Conference JCC Tips are designed to save you time, money and stress. Audra Bayer is […]

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Richmond Family Lawyers

Richmond Family Lawyers Tel 604-249-2149 Our Richmond family lawyers handle complex international family and excluded property cases involving worldwide assets. Our Richmond family lawyers also handle marriage and separation agreements that also involve division of international property. We have Richmond’s largest family law department that is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Richmond family lawyers at […]

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Surrey Family Lawyers

Our senior Surrey family lawyers are constantly updating our clients on new developments in Surrey family property division. There are two types of property under our new property division regime “family property” that is normally shared equally and “excluded property which normally has only the gain made on it during the relationship shared equally. You […]

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Vancouver Forensic Audit Lawyer

Top Vancouver Family Property Lawyer, Lorne Maclean, Q.C., just obtained another massive win for a family law client involving a forensic audit to discover hidden income and assets.

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