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How Are BC Wills Dispute Costs Paid?

How Are BC Wills Dispute Costs Paid? In the past, the legal fees and costs of all parties involved in a BC will and BC estate dispute were ordered to be paid out of the estate. But more recently modern cost awards now follow the event in estate matters. However, Courts retain the discretion to […]

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Vancouver Left Out Wills Variation Lawyers

Vancouver Left Out Wills Variation Lawyers deal with cases where spouses and children have been excluded from a Will or have received an unfairly low share of the estate. If you are a victim of being left out of the will or have been disinherited in BC, call our skilled MacLean Estate Litigation, Vancouver Left […]

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BC Disinherited Will Lawyers

Must a parent equally divide their estate between all of their children in their Will? MacLean Law’s BC Disinherited Will Lawyers explain the answer may be no if the person making the Will has valid and rational reasons to do so. However, the more the Will departs from an equal sharing of an estate between […]

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Vancouver Unfair Will Estate Disputes

Vancouver Unfair Will Estate Disputes are amongst the most distressing cases a client can be involved in. First you lose a loved one but then a second wave of hurt washes over you as you discover you have been unfairly left out of your fair share of that loved one’s estate. MacLean Estate Litigation’s Vancouver Unfair […]

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BC Wills Variation Act and Vancouver Estate Litigation Claims By Disinherited Adult Children

 BC Wills Variation Act and Disputed Estate Litigation lawyer Lorne MacLean The Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna and Fort St John BC estate litigation lawyer offices of MLG provide the following update on disputed wills litigation issues in BC.The recent BC disputed Wills Variation Act (“WVA”) case of Hall v. Hall, decided by our British Columbia Court […]

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