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Best Calgary Separation Agreement Tips

Best Calgary Separation Agreement Tips can help you settle your Calgary and Alberta family law case and move forward after having a say in how your post-separation finances and child parenting time issues are resolved. Calgary Family Settlement Lawyers1 877 602 9900 The unfortunate reality in family relationships is that they sometimes come to an […]

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5 Best Provincial Family Court Tips

5 Best Provincial Family Court Tips can help you and your children move forward successfully after separation. Provincial Family Court is the People’s Court. It handles the largest number of family law cases in Alberta and BC and makes key decisions affecting spouses, children and other family members. Family law impacts more Canadians than any […]

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Calculating Child Support Income

Calculating Child Support Income is a key step in ensuring a fair child support result. In cases of business owners and self-employed persons, a thorough analysis of the paying parent’s true incomes is necessary. Simply using a self-employed person’s income tax return is the most common fatal error to properly calculating child support income. Assessing […]

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Vancouver Calgary Spousal Support Self Sufficiency

Vancouver Calgary Spousal Support Self Sufficiency cases raise the issue of sharing economic disadvantage arising from relationship breakdown against the need and possible duty for both spouses to move toward self-sufficiency after their relationship ends. The number 1 question we get asked is: How much spousal support is payable and for how long does spousal […]

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Avoid Family Law Facebook Mistakes

Our experienced Avoid Family Law Facebook Mistakes lawyers warn spouses, misguided friends and extended family members from foolishly using social media during divorce separation proceedings. Is your Ex-Partner posting negative comments regarding your family law matter on Facebook? Want to know if you can stop your ex-partner from posting negatively about you on Facebook? In […]

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Vancouver Calgary Child Custody Variation

Vancouver Calgary Child Custody Variation lawyers handle cases when parents want to change an original order on child custody and parenting time arrangements. The recent decision of S.M.M. v. J.P.H.points out the test that must be met before the original child custody or original child parenting time or responsibilities Order is varied.  The test for […]

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Vancouver Underemployment Support Lawyers

Vancouver Underemployment Support Lawyers help ensure paying spouses to work to their full capacity and that receiving spouses also do not shirk their responsibilities to try to become or remain self-sufficient. Making sure both spouses work to their capacity impacts both spousal support and child support. Calculations of proper support are only accurate if the […]

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Child Support Extraordinary Expenses

Our top* Child Support Extraordinary Expenses lawyers handle hundreds of medium to high net income child support cases across Western Canada. Lorne N. MacLean, QC holds the record for one of Canada’s highest combined child and spousal support award of nearly $100,000 monthly in the case of Devathasan. In today’s blog Peter Graburn of our […]

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Calgary Alberta Family Law Mediation

Disagreements between separating family partners can be difficult, often involving very contentious legal issues about children, child and spousal support, and division of family property, debts and liabilities.  Some of these disputes end up being decided by Judges in Court. But what if you do not want to go through the cost (both emotional and […]

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