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Best Calgary Divorce Lawyers

Our Best* Calgary Divorce Lawyers will help you negotiate a settlement that allows for an uncontested divorce with agreed financial and child parenting and guardianship relief. Our modern approach is to negotiate, mediate and arbitrate a fair settlement and failing that we will tenaciously proceed to trial. Maclean Law’s expanded Calgary divorce lawyers office medium […]

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5 Best Calgary Divorce Tips

5 Best Calgary Divorce Tips by our senior Calgary family lawyer Peter Graburn are designed to help you and your new family unit move forward successfully after a Calgary divorce. In a previous article on Calgary Separation Agreements, we noted that 38% of Canadian marriages end in divorce.  Our Calgary separation agreement lawyers know some […]

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Calgary Family Divorce Lawyers

Calgary Family Divorce lawyers know getting divorced is the easy part of a breakup but the financial settlement is much more complex. Hiring Lorne N. MacLean, QC the founder of MacLean Law’s Calgary family divorce lawyers makes sense to ensure complex Calgary matrimonial property and debt division occurs fairly and efficiently. Our Calgary Family Divorce lawyers […]

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