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Presented by the Canadian Law Awards, MacLean Law was Honoured with the LEAP Legal Software Award.

Leap awards for Family Law Firm of the YearThe Canadian Law Awards celebrated outstanding achievements in the Canadian legal profession at the Liberty Grand in Toronto on May 9, 2024.

MacLean Law, one of Canada’s largest family law firms, is proud to be honored for the LEAP Legal Software Award for Family Law Firm of the Year based on our commitment to our clients and our accomplishments over the year within the Canadian legal landscape including the following:

Landmark AI Case
Fraser MacLean was lead counsel in the landmark ruling pertaining to Canada’s first fake case hallucinations by artificial intelligence (AI) after discovering fake legal cases. He also set one of the highest child and spousal support awards in BC of over $30,000 a month.

BC Pet Custody Dispute Cases Updates in The Press
Our leading edge lawyers, Lorne MacLean, K.C, and Sophie Bartholomew, were at the forefront of providing feedback and in the press discussing key changes to BC family law regarding pets and custody disputes.

Lil Tay Custody Battle
MacLean Law is the family lawyer for ‘Lil Tay’ and her mother, Angela Tian. MacLean Law was pleased to have successfully obtained multiple orders including retroactive child support owed by the father, ongoing monthly child support, and sole day-to-day and final decision-making powers and responsibilities in the best interests of Tay Tian.

Lorne MacLean, KC
As founder of MacLean Family Law, with offices across BC and in Calgary, Lorne MacLean, KC has successfully protected clients’ rights since 1983 in the field of high net worth and complex family law disputes. He has set the highest record for interim spousal and child support at over $100,000 a month, the highest record for permanent spousal and child support at over $116,000 a month, the highest fines record, set the family law precedent for international Mareva injunctions, the highest special costs record at $1,5 million, and one of the largest retroactive child support awards in favour of a husband, dismissals of a wife’s spousal support in a high net worth long marriage and he won the leading Canadian case on child custody and the “maximum contact” principle and so much more.

MacLean Law lawyers act across Bc and in Calgary Alberta and we handle high net worth and complex family law cases including international family law disputes.

Read more about our awards.