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West Vancouver Office

100 Park Royal S #200
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2

Tel: 1 877 602 9900
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

West Vancouver Divorce and Family Law Lawyers

Our West Vancouver family law office of top rated high net worth family law and divorce lawyers provides top level Family Law, Estate Litigation, and Elder Abuse Law strategies. Our English and Chinese international family income and family property team protects our clients aggressively and successfully.

We hold the record for highest West Vancouver spousal support interim awards at over $90,000 a month and we also set the record for permanent spousal support awards of $100,000 per month (not per year, yes, per month!).

Rare Win For Ex-Husband Of Dismissal Of Support For Ex-Wife and She Pays Hundreds of Thousands In Child Support To Him

We also just won a rare dismissal of spousal support, for a father of three successful children, where his ex-wife’s spousal support claim after a long term marriage against our wealthy client , coupled with her being ordered to pay our delighted client over $800,000 of retroactive child support plus significant costs.

Lorne MacLean, KC was named Top 500 BC Most Influential Business People. Our West Vancouver family lawyers have set numerous records for outstanding wins for our clients that other lawyers now rely upon to help their family law clients. This includes:

  • Costs against a recalcitrant spouse of $1.5 million
  • Jail time records for perjury and contempt after we proved they lied about their multi-million dollar income and family property as a result of us proving they lied
  • worldwide mareva injunctions
  • raid on business exposing perjury and missing millions
  • Obtaining the highest fines in BC for failure to pay support and provide proper financial disclosure
  • Shared custody for a father accused of family violence with minimal spousal support
  • leading cases on child custody in Canada’s highest court
  • leading cases on spousal support in Canada’s highest court
  • numerous cases settled because of our feared courtroom reputation

Whether you are a husband or a wife in a high net worth case, our winning West Vancouver family lawyers have your back.

Our West Vancouver family lawyers understand that going through a divorce, separation, or being involved in an estate dispute, is very stressful and our highly respected West Vancouver lawyers understand this. Our West Vancouver family law team will work to reduce your stress and improve the chances of a successful outcome so you and your family can move forward.

Fraser MacLean, who has his own leading cases, in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, handles medium to high net worth family law cases working beside Lorne N. MacLean, KC.

Our multi-award winning, West Vancouver family law team members are passionate about helping people triumph over complex life events. We are practical in our approach, earnest in our work, and we enable clients to make good decisions and reach positive outcomes to move forward in their lives. Reach out to our West Vancouver Family Law Office today.

Our respected West Vancouver Family and Divorce Lawyers work as a collaborative team to ensure you have the best resources for your unique legal issue. We have Vancouver’s top rated Mandarin and Cantonese speaking family and estate dispute lawyers such as Susanna Chen and Jonathan Wai.

Our West Vancouver Family and Divorce Lawyers office can help you settle your family law case and we know our ultra high net worth divorce and family law cases demand precise and discrete legal advice to ensure wealth and asset protection is maximized. Our West Vancouver high net worth divorce lawyers know privacy is also crucial both for one’s personal reputation and for maintaining healthy financial relationships with banks, partners and investors. Lorne MacLean, KC heads our BC ultra high net worth divorce department. Mr. MacLean has successfully acted for West Vancouver spouses in the Supreme Court of Canada the BC Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of BC and in the Queen’s Bench in Calgary, Alberta. Hiring the best family and divorce lawyers takes time so do your due diligence.

Call our West Vancouver Family Lawyers toll free at 604 602 9000 or request a consult to meet with one of our lawyers on the issues of:

  • West Vancouver medium to high net worth child support and over $150,000 income disputes
  • West Vancouver spousal support and over $350,000 income disputes
  • West Vancouver family property and family debt division involving multi millions in Canada and overseas
  • West Vancouver protection orders
  • West Vancouver restraining and preservation orders
  • West Vancouver complex high net worth family matters
  • West Vancouver family law international and jurisdiction dispute cases