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Lorne MacLean, KC, interviewed by Thane Stenner on high net worth divorce on BNN Bloomberg, May 1, 2024

Thane Stenner, CIM®, FCSI® of Stenner Wealth Partners interviewed Lorne MacLean, KC on BNN Bloomberg’s Smart Wealth monthly podcast. Lorne offered insightful expertise and tips for Family Law related matters with a focus on ultra high net worth families. The interview airs May 1st, 2024 and you can catch it at BNN Bloomberg Podcast: SmartWealth™ with Thane Stenner.

Thane Stenner is a former Morgan Stanley Managing Director and a Senior Portfolio Manager & Senior Wealth Advisor with Stenner Wealth Partners+ at CG Wealth Management.

Lorne MacLean, KC (King’s Counsel) has set the highest record for interim spousal and child support at over $100,000 a month, the highest record for permanent spousal and child support at over $116,000 a month, the highest fines record, set the precedent for international Mareva injunctions, the highest special costs record at $1,5 million, and one of the largest retroactive child support awards in favour of a husband, dismissals of a wife’s spousal support in a high net worth long marriage and he won the leading Canadian case on child custody and the maximum contact principle and so much more.

He is the founder of MacLean Law and one of Canada’s most experienced and highly rated family lawyers dedicated to family law and divorce in British Columbia.

Lorne MacLean, KC interviewed by Thane Stenner, Bloomberg