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Mandarin Imputed Income Child Support Lawyers

Mandarin Imputed Income Child support cases involve calculating an income that a payor and a  homemaker could reasonably earn if they choose not to work. In today’s blog, Vancouver Mandarin-speaking lawyer Susanna Chen discusses the issue of child support and imputing income on spouses who choose not to work and remain at home. Susanna Chen […]

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5 Best Provincial Family Court Tips

5 Best Provincial Family Court Tips can help you and your children move forward successfully after separation. Provincial Family Court is the People’s Court. It handles the largest number of family law cases in Alberta and BC and makes key decisions affecting spouses, children and other family members. Family law impacts more Canadians than any […]

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BC Foreign Family Property Jurisdiction

BC Foreign Family Property Jurisdiction cases are complex and leave little room for error. Locating, freezing and dividing overseas family property can only occur after BC Foreign Family Property Jurisdiction is confirmed. But how is BC Foreign Family Property Jurisdiction decided? MacLean Law’s International divorce lawyers handle numerous international family law cases involving BC and […]

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Section 211 Custody Critique Reports

Section 211 custody critique reports are used to dispute custody and parenting capacity Family Law Act section 211 reports. There are strict rules for whether or not a critique report will be accepted into evidence by the court in a child parenting time and responsibilities dispute. The goal in BC family law is to have […]

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Lump Sum Child Spousal Support

Lump Sum Child Spousal Support lawyers handle cases where monthly periodic support is replaced with a fixed sum of support. Lump sum support is not deductible off the paying spouse’s tax return nor is it declared as income on the recipient’s tax return. Monthly child support is not tax deductible by the paying spouse (since […]

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Best Retroactive Child Support Tips

Best Retroactive Child Support Tips will help ensure your child is supported properly after separation. On May 16, 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to hear an appeal of the recent BC Family Law retroactive child support decision Graydon v Michel 2018 BCCA 449.  Graydon is about retroactive child support, the process of […]

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5 Reasons to Reduce Child Support

Top 5 Reasons to Reduce Child Support (Undue Hardship) are explained by senior Calgary family Lawyer, Peter Graburn,  who heads our downtown Calgary family law office. Child support is the right of the child – both parents have a duty to financially support their dependent children. But for the past 5 years (most agree the […]

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Child Support Extraordinary Expenses

Our top* Child Support Extraordinary Expenses lawyers handle hundreds of medium to high net income child support cases across Western Canada. Lorne N. MacLean, QC holds the record for one of Canada’s highest combined child and spousal support award of nearly $100,000 monthly in the case of Devathasan. In today’s blog Peter Graburn of our […]

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How Does Adult Child Support Work?

How Does Adult Child Support Work? Our BC and Alberta family lawyers get asked this question frequently. Children who are committed to pursuing post-secondary education are normally entitled to be supported by their parents so they can obtain the skills and experience to be successful adults. There is no absolute cut-off age for child support […]

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