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Vancouver Estate Litigation Proprietary Estoppel

Vancouver Estate Litigation Proprietary Estoppel lawyers deal with cases of estate trust disputes and cases involving people working on property owned by the deceased where promises were made that were not kept. Specifically, Vancouver Estate Litigation Proprietary Estoppel lawyers deal with Vancouver estate disputes where promises are made as to an estate asset going to […]

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BC Testamentary Capacity Suspicious Circumstances

BC Testamentary Capacity Suspicious Circumstances lawyers handle cases where a Willmaker is influenced or incapable of properly making a valid Will. When someone is left out of a Will or disinherited they are hurt and they may suspect the reason for this isn’t legitimate. Sometimes they are right and other times they are wrong. In […]

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Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers

Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers handle cases involving unfair wills, undue influence claims and elder abuse prevention and protection cases. The Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers are led by senior family law and estate litigator, Lorne N. MacLean, QC. Vancouver Estate Litigation Lawyers Call 1 877 602 9900 In today’s blog, Lorne N MacLean, QC explains how […]

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Power of Attorney Wills Variation Act Estate Litigation

Our estate litigation lawyers handle Wills Variation Act dispute and Power of Attorney and estate litigation claims together with other Vancouver and BC estate litigation issues. In Houston v. Houston (2012 BCCA 300), the British Columbia Court of Appeal released a fascinating decision on power of attorney. The case examined several legal issues surrounding power […]

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BC Patients Property Act Mental Infirmity Incapacity And Financial And Personal Affairs

BC Testamentary Capacity versus Ability to Manage Financial Affairs under Patients Property Act – It Is Not the Same Test! A BC committee of the person and estate of another party is a person appointed under the BC Patients Property Act by the BC Supreme Court to make personal, medical, legal, or financial decisions for […]

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The BC estate litigation lawyers lawyers at MacLean Estate Litigation know estate claims are often emotionally charged and filled with recriminations. Estate claims can occur when assets have been gratuitously placed in the name of the deceased’s child or third party. Whether this was done for convenience, with the asset to be shared with other family members […]

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