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Surrey Estate Litigation Dispute Lawyers

Our Surrey Estate Litigation Dispute Lawyers handle Surrey Wills Variation, BC WESA relief claims, and Surrey Estate Litigation disputes. Our highly rated Surrey estate litigation dispute lawyers note that unfair Wills can be successfully challenged by disappointed beneficiaries. The Will maker’s decision is entitled to deference if their decision is valid and rational but a […]

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Vancouver Unfair Will Estate Disputes

Vancouver Unfair Will Estate Disputes are amongst the most distressing cases a client can be involved in. First you lose a loved one but then a second wave of hurt washes over you as you discover you have been unfairly left out of your fair share of that loved one’s estate. MacLean Estate Litigation’s Vancouver Unfair […]

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Rights of Non-Biological Children in Wills Variation Claims

If you believe that you have been unfairly treated in a loved one’s Will or Estate, please give us a call now in our Vancouver office at 604.602.9000 or from anywhere in North America toll-free at 1.877.602.9900 or send us an email via our secure website. Our experienced BC Wills Variation and Estate Litigation lawyers are happy […]

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Power of Attorney Wills Variation Act

August 11th, 2012 Our estate litigation lawyers handle Wills Variation Act dispute and Power of Attorney and estate litigation claims together with other Vancouver and BC estate litigation issues. In Houston v. Houston (2012 BCCA 300), the British Columbia Court of Appeal released a fascinating decision on power of attorney. The case examined several legal […]

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