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Lorne MacLean, MacLean Family Law

Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers help protect vulnerable seniors from Vancouver’s financial elder abuse and Vancouver physical elder abuse. In today’s blog, top-rated* family lawyer Lorne N MacLean, QC founder of MacLean Family Law’s Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers gives a quick summary of how protecting vulnerable senior family members from physical abuse goes hand in hand in protecting them from Vancouver Financial Elder Abuse.

Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers 604-602-9000

Since Vancouver family law and Vancouver estate law disputes overlap in many cases, it  just makes good sense to hire an experienced and tenacious lawyer such as Lorne N. MacLean, QC with 40+ years experience in:

  • obtaining personal protection orders
  • obtaining financial restraining orders
  • obtaining committee orders
  • obtaining disclosure orders
  • ferreting out the location and value of missing assets and income
  • obtaining compensation and recovery orders
  • obtaining damage awards against fraudsters
  • obtaining special costs for fraud and egregious conduct

Vancouver Financial Elder Abuse Personal Protection Orders and No Peace Bonds

Seniors First BC gives an excellent summary of how our Family Law Act, which skilled family and Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers use to protect spouses and children can also be used to protect a parent or adult family member:

Part 9 – Protection from Family Violence of the Family Law Act deals with protecting “at risk family members” from family violence.   Either an at-risk older adult or someone on their behalf may seek a section 183 protection order under this Part.  Looking at the definition of “family member” in s. 1 of the Act, the older adult could get a protection order against:

  • their spouse, including common-law spouse;
  • the biological parent or guardian of their children;
  • any person who lives with them and is related to their spouse (in-laws); and
  • their own children, whether their children live with them or

The definition of “family violence” is broad enough to cover any form of influence or abuse of an older adult by a related person above.  The court considers not just physical violence, but where there is a pattern of emotional or psychological abuse that constitutes “a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour” toward the older adult.  The psychological and emotional abuse of  an at-risk family member includes unreasonable restrictions on, or prevention of, a family member’s financial or personal autonomy.

Non-Family Members Who Present A Danger To Your Loved One Can Be Kept Away Too

The Family Law Act can only be used to restrain a family member from coming near or harassing a family member. A Peace Bond is used to keep malevolent third parties away from harming your loved one. Peace Bonds involve a complaint to the police who take the complaint to the Crown prosecutors who decide if they should proceed to court against the person accused of harming the victim, their spouse, their children and/or their property. To obtain a peace bond, Crown counsel must be satisfied that your loved one has a reasonable chance of proving in court that there is reason for them to fear for their safety and the safety of his or her spouse and child. Sometimes the victim is too afraid to bring the action as they are under the influence of both mental and physical of the perpetrator.

If you fear a loved one is suffering Vancouver financial elder abuse or Vancouver physical elder abuse, call one of our senior Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers today at 604-602-9000.

Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers Act Across BC In 5 Locations

Our Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers act across BC from our 5 offices conveniently located in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, Richmond and Fort St John Dawson Creek.

Call Our Vancouver Elder Abuse Lawyers Promptly To Protect Your Loved One at 1-877-602-9900 toll-free.

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