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Drawing on the depth and breadth of our expertise, we’ll help you distill the complicated so you can break through to strategic and positive family solutions.

Calgary Mediation Arbitration Lawyers

Calgary Mediation Arbitration Lawyers assist in helping separated spouses and their children move forward as winners after separation so the uncoupled family members continue to thrive. Our Calgary family law team works out of Bankers hall in downtown Calgary. Breakdown of family relationships can be hard, not only on separating spouses but especially on their […]

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Best Vancouver Family Lawyers

Who are the Best Vancouver Family Lawyers?  The ways to objectively determine who the best Vancouver family lawyers include: meeting with them in person to see if they empathize with you but recognizing that it makes sense that they are not afraid to challenge you and to give you objective helpful strategies that can make […]

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Calgary Edmonton Advance Legal Costs

Calgary Edmonton Advance Legal Costs Lawyers help level the playing field in family law cases particularly in cases involving narcissistic ex-spouses. Provinces across Canada have created legislation to enable a financially weaker spouse to obtain funds to help them pursue justice. Calgary Edmonton Advance Legal Costs 403 444 5503 January 6, 2021 – the culmination […]

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High Net Worth Family Law Appeal Lawyers

The best High Net Worth Family Law Appeal Lawyers bring family law appeals or defend against family appeals involving family matters such as child custody and parenting time, child and spousal support, and family property and debt division. MacLean Law’s top-rated High Net Worth Family Law Appeal Lawyers have won Appeals from Provincial Court in […]

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Short Marriages and Unequal Division

Short marriages and unequal division cases are on the rise in British Columbia under our new Family Law Act. Initially because of the excluded property provisions scheme in the new Family Law Act unequal division arguments regarding family property gains based on unequal contribution were thought to be reduced and restricted. However, this has not […]

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Calgary Edmonton Marriage Agreement Lawyers

Calgary Edmonton Marriage Agreement Lawyers help parties entering into marriage create a mutually agreed framework to guide their marital obligations and rights and a plan to fairly allocate family property and debt and financial resources if the marriage ends. Our lawyers also help negotiate and draft Calgary Edmonton prenuptial agreements and Calgary Edmonton cohabitation agreements. […]

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Divorce Day Family Lawyers

The first working day after the Christmas holidays in 2021 is today. It is also the day that family lawyers call “divorce day“. The experienced and top-rated high net worth family lawyers at Canada’s national family law firm of MacLean Law are fielding calls and emails to help separated spouses move forward successfully. Our firm […]

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Best Edmonton Family Property Division Lawyers

The best Edmonton family property division lawyers help Edmonton family law clients deal with family property and debt division issues. Edmonton high net worth separations and Edmonton grey divorce issues add an extra level of complexity when dealing with different rules for different types of matrimonial property. Peter Graburn of our Edmonton and Calgary office […]

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Prince Rupert Divorce and Family Lawyers

Prince Rupert Divorce and Family Lawyers and Kitimat family lawyers handle all types of family law matters including divorce, separation, child custody, child and spousal support, and family property and debt division. Our top-rated Family Violence Protection Lawyers also help prevent and stop family violence. Prince Rupert Divorce and Family Lawyers 1 877 602 9900 […]

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