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Courage comes from caring; and in family law caring is a fundamental value to move families to a positive future.

Jonathan Wai of MacLean Family Law Vancouver

“Family law can be emotional. The reward is that I can help people through their experience.”

Jonathan M. Wai
Jonathan Wai, MacLean Family Law
alterMany thanks for your efficient and professional help. It makes me firmly believe that I made the correct decision when I first walked into MacLean Law. alter
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Jonathan M. Wai - MacLean Family Law Vancouver
Jonathan Wai - Lawyer, MacLean Family Law
Jonathan Wai
Jonathan Wai - Lawyer


A background in philosophy and English literature may seem at odds with a law practice. On the contrary, Jonathan uses his unyielding search for truth and appreciation of art to serve his clients. Indeed, his philosophy is that family law requires that rare mix of courage when advocating in court, and compassion to the persons he serves.

An experienced litigator and qualified family law mediator, Jonathan employs a wide range of options and methods to achieve his clients’ goals, whether through trial and appeal if necessary, favourable settlement, or through mediation or collaborative law. In all cases, Jonathan endeavours to connect with the client as a person, to thus better understand and create excellent results that are both tailored and cost-effective.

When not practicing law, Jonathan enjoys playing guitar, piano and bass including at local open mics and other venues. He finds time for many movies and novels, and has produced a short film and is working on a novel of his own. He is also an avid player of Canada’s national sport, and can also be found on the public tennis courts.

Jonathan M. Wai
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