BC Separation and Divorce by MacLean Family LawEnding your family relationship through separation or divorce is one of life’s most difficult, demanding experiences. Whether yours is an opposite or same-sex common-law or marriage relationship, with or without children, the emotional, relational, social and lifestyle impacts of separation and divorce can be profound and far-reaching. The stakes are particularly high when you’re a high net-worth, high-profile family with complex business, family, and personal assets.

With MacLean Law’s discreet, strategic, and supportive counsel, you’ll experience greater confidence and ease as you steer through your family’s transition process. We work closely with you to discreetly protect and promote your best interests and family well-being as you address such sensitive issues as: spousal and child support; child custody, guardianship, and parenting arrangements; and property division and debt resolution.

There are two avenues to resolve the breakdown of your family relationship—through litigation in the courts or through alternative dispute resolution processes such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration. We help you explore your options, carefully weigh the benefits and limitations of each approach, consider fresh, new possibilities, guide you through British Columbia’s intricate separation and divorce laws and help you meet the strict requirements for time-sensitive decisions and actions.

Preparing thoughtfully and proactively for separation and divorce is the key to optimizing your results. By partnering with MacLean Law, you’ll have greater reassurance that you know what you need to know to make the most informed decisions and take the most constructive actions.

Every challenge, however formidable, presents the opportunity to learn and grow. Endings offer you the first step towards a new beginning. At MacLean Law, our overriding aim is to optimize your separation or divorce outcomes, preserve and protect what’s most important to you, and help you lay the groundwork for a compelling new future.


We bring our strategic perspective, collaborative approach, and expertise to your case whether it’s in court, mediations or arbitrations. Resolving Matters.


In separation and divorce, there are important time limits for such things as applying for spousal support and/or dividing property, debt, or a pension, which can affect your outcomes. Do these time requirements apply to you?

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Download our MacLean Law Insider Guide on Preparing for Separation and Divorce. You can also read more information in our Resources section and see Links to relevant sites.


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