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Audra Bayer - Senior Arbitration Lawyer at Maclean Law

A straight-shooter with an arsenal of experience, Audra will empower you with mediation, collaboration or family court.

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Audra Bayer - Associate, MacLean Law
MacLean LawDon’t look back. You are not going that way.MacLean Law
Audra Bayer
Audra Bayer - Associate, MacLean Law
MacLean LawAudra is the most professional, knowledgeable, classy, down-to-earth and compassionate person that I have had the pleasure to work with…the world needs more like her. MacLean Law
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Audra Bayer - Senior Divorce & Separation Lawyer

Audra Bayer of MacLean Law

Audra Bayer - Senior Family Lawyer

Audra Bayer, MacLean Law Kelowna


Audra Bayer’s work as a family lawyer carries an immense level of responsibility. It affects such things as how much time children will spend with their parents after a separation or divorce, what school they will attend, where they will live, what activities they will participate in, what money will be available for activities, whether they will be able to attend post-secondary education, and what education, mental and physical health, and other services they will be able to receive. All of this affects who children become as future members of our society. They are in fact key to the fabric of our society and Audra assists with the weaving of that fabric.

Growing up, Audra was positively influenced by her parent’s values, particularly their compassionate way of dealing with people and their commitment to education and learning. Audra adopted the mentality in her own life to always strive to learn more, to be pragmatic in her thinking, and to acknowledge that there are always additional possibilities to consider–a foundation well-suited to her chosen career as a family lawyer.

In her practice of law, Audra has adopted her father’s passionate, ‘no-bull’ approach to advocacy and commitment. What she does as a lawyer and how she does it are inextricably linked to her approach to being a daughter, wife, mother, and developing person. She has also been divorced twice, bringing to the table real life experiences. Her goal is to ensure each client becomes empowered in their own way to move on with their lives after separation or divorce.

Audra is a certified mediator and arbitrator, member of the Hear the Child Roster, collaborative law practitioner and mother of five children. She has previously served as a member of the Canadian Bar Association’s (CBA) National Alternative Dispute Resolution section, Co-Chair of the Okanagan Family Bar Section, and member of the CBA National Family Section. As a bilingual practitioner, she is able to offer services in French and English.

Audra has an amazing level of energy and strength. When she isn’t practicing, advocating, doing pro-bono work, giving speeches or improving her own skills, you can find her in her garden, spending time with her five children, playing guitar or hiking with her dogs.

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