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Tal Wolf - Lawyer at Maclean Law

Even if a judge or jury has to decide your case, a good trial lawyer will ensure you’ll look back knowing nothing was left on the table.

Tal Wolf, MacLean Family Lawyer, Vancouver
alterI’m not out to take deals for my clients. I’m out to create deals so that we can resolve your legal matter favourably and keep legal costs down. It is the meticulous and exhaustive preparation of your family matter that, in most cases, allows us to avoid trial altogether.alter Tal K. Wolf
Tal Wolf, MacLean Family Lawyer, Vancouver
alterI’m very happy with your quality of work and your quick ramp up on this case. I appreciate everything that you have done so far. alter
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Tal Wolf - Divorce Lawyer, MacLean Family Law

Tal Wolf - Senior Family Lawyer Vancouver

Tal Wolf - Senior MacLean Law Divorce Lawyer

Tal Wolf - Family Lawyer BC


Tal Wolf is a senior member of MacLean Law’s Vancouver office. He takes pride in developing a close and compassionate relationship with each of his clients, and understanding that there is a huge emotional side to family disputes, divorce, and litigation in general, which can be some of the most difficult and stressful events in people’s lives. Tal works with each client to develop strategies that take into account the manner in which the client’s involvement with the legal system is affecting their life, and the lives of their loved ones. He orients his practice around a relatively small and select group of clientele, allowing him to guarantee each individual first rate representation and personal attention. Clients have often expressed how comforting it is that Tal is personable, accessible and easy to talk to. You are never just “another file number.”

An experienced trial lawyer and having served over 500 sessions as a Judge pro tem in Los Angeles County Courts, Tal feels right at home in the courtroom, whether facing a judge or a jury. He combines passionate and commanding advocacy with creativity and meticulous break-down of all facts and evidence to maximize his clients’ chances of success in Court. However, it is precisely because Tal views every step in a dispute through the lens of trial preparation that the vast majority of his cases end up being resolved with a quality settlement and without ever needing a trial.

Tal is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Trial Lawyers Association of B.C., and participates regularly in intensive courses and workshops on trial advocacy. A common theme at these events, and one which has resonated especially well with Tal’s practice and style, has been for lawyers to use their personal experiences and adventures (outside of the law) to help understand a client’s story as a human being, and not just as a “lawyer.” The result is a much more colorful, meaningful and persuasive presentation of that story in court.

Tal has many other passions that he pursues in his personal time, including riding motorcycles, exploring the beautiful National, State and Provincial Parks of Canada, the U.S. and beyond. He also plays the guitar (although singing tends to occur only in the company of his wife). Tal is an avid tennis player and skier.

An aviation-buff, he is a certified Commercial Pilot and Instrument Flight Instructor with thousands of hours logged as Pilot-in-Command in over a dozen piston-powered aircraft. Tal has regularly donated his time and flying skills to charitable organizations such as Angel Flight West, transporting patients and their families in and out of remote towns all over the western continent for specialized “big-city” medical treatment. Tal loves animals. Besides donating time to various local organizations such as Best Friends, NKLA (a no-kill pet rescue and adoption center in Los Angeles) and VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association), he and his wife have fostered and found loving forever-homes for dozens of needy animals of all ages, sizes and health conditions over the years.

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