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BC child support is a fundamental, legal right of every child. At MacLean Law, our BC child support lawyers work with you to protect this right and ensure a secure, stable financial future for your children following your separation or divorce, as a critical aspect of resolving your family matters. Vancouver child support is pertinent to opposite – and same-sex common-law and married families and can be resolved through negotiated or mediated agreement between you and your spouse, or by court order. Your eligibility to pay or receive Vancouver BC child support and the recommended amount payable are determined by federal and provincial guidelines as well as specific rules, criteria, and formulas. A multitude of factors come into play when determining child support in BC, as well as a number of time limitations. Some examples of circumstances that impact child support payments include whether one and/or the other of you owns a business, holds substantial capital, investments, or trust interests, or is a professional with a ‘book of business.’ BC child support payments can also be affected by the type of child custody or guardianship arrangements you have in place, due to potentially increased childcare costs. Split Custody, shared custody and primary custody impact how BC child support is calculated.

Use this helpful free BC child support calculator as a first step towards estimating the payable child support applicable in your family situation. Click here for general information from the BC Supreme Court. In the meantime, you’ll want to ensure you have the expert advice and astute guidance of MacLean Law’s experienced BC and Vancouver child support lawyers to help you steer through this very complex, often highly sensitive aspect of your separation or divorce.

We can help you determine what a fair amount of child support in Canada is.


We’ll help you and your family resolve BC child support matters with both financial and emotional peace of mind. Connect now or call us at 1 877 602 9900.


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