Child Custody and Parenting Arrangements by MacLean Family Law, Vancouver BCA child’s world can be turned upside down during separation or divorce. Our experience has taught us that the continuation of conflict is the greatest predictor of poor outcomes for children. Helping you protect and preserve your children’s well-being, security, and safety during this turbulent, emotional time is one of our foremost commitments. Involve us early in your family restructuring to help you plan and implement new, intentionally and carefully designed parenting arrangements that ensure a healthy, positive future for your children.

Our highly skilled team includes specialized experts in child guardianship, parenting time, child movement or relocation, and other parenting arrangements. We sensitively guide you through the process of exploring your parenting options, rights, and responsibilities and provide carefully considered, forward-thinking advice, information, and support. Our overriding goal is to help you move through family conflict in a timely, constructive manner and arrive at productive, child-focused parenting plans that best reflect and serve the needs and interests of your child.

We support you through either collaborative dispute resolution, mediated processes, or court-determined child custody and parenting plans, to aid you in designing, implementing, ensuring compliance with, and monitoring the success of your parenting arrangements. As one of Vancouver’s most progressive family law firms, we provide counsel on parenting issues related to opposite- and same-sex common-law and marriage breakdowns as well matters related to reproductive technology, including claims by donors and surrogates.

At MacLean Family Law, we’ve made it our mission to help protect and sustain safe, loving, meaningful parent-child relationships — today and long into the future.

Do children have a say in child custody cases?Yes. Children now have a voice but not the choice in custody and access cases.


Have a conversation with one of our family dispute resolution lawyers or parenting coordinators about how you can protect your child’s well-being in the course of your separation or divorce.

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