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Family Mediation & Arbitration is a powerful tool in resolving family law matters. The top rated family mediation & arbitration team at MacLean Law has 4 senior lawyers who work in this area as arbitrator and mediators. After you’ve made the difficult decision to separate or divorce, you may prefer to resolve your family matters without the involvement of the courts. At MacLean Law, we have several experienced BC family law mediators, Vancouver family arbitrators, and parenting coordinators. We also have top family law lawyers (Top Choice Award (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018), top rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated, who will champion your case at mediations and arbitrations to ensure you get the best result at your family law mediation or family law arbitration.

MacLean Law is at the forefront of progressive alternative dispute-resolution approaches including family mediation & arbitration and collaborative family law, that allow you to discretely restructure your family relationship through collaboratively negotiated private settlements, rather than working through a conventional litigation process. We take a practical, goal-oriented approach to help you find creative, constructive, cost-effective ways to resolve your family matters. BC Family Mediation and BC Family Arbitration are viable options for our BC family law clients. Select one of experienced family mediation & arbitration lawyers who operate out of our 5 BC offices in Surrey, Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort St John and Richmond BC. Peter Graburn acts as a mediator and arbitrator at our Calgary offices,

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Mediator and Arbitrator Nick Davies, Vancouver Office

Well-suited for individuals in complex family, financial, and business circumstances, alternative dispute resolution approaches, such as family mediation and family arbitration, offer you the benefits of greater privacy, a less formal process, more control over your outcomes, improved communication, reduced negative impacts on children, more timely settlement, reduced costs, and greater opportunity to preserve your family relationships and arrive at mutually agreeable arrangements.

Examples of MacLean Law’s alternative family dispute resolution services include experienced representation and cogent arguments for our family law clients at BC family mediations and Vancouver family arbitrations, divorce coaching and consultation, acting as the family mediator at mediation, acting as the family arbitrator at family arbitration, collaborative law, communication coaching, facilitation and of course principled family law negotiation and settlement offer presentation.

Including one of MacLean Law’s highly dedicated, experienced family lawyers or mediator-paralegal right from the outset ensures that you have expert help in assessing and choosing the dispute-resolution approach most right for you. We’ll educate, guide, and support you all along the way to ensure that you fully understand your legal rights, options, and obligations and that you’re empowered to make informed decisions and take carefully considered actions that lead to your desired family outcomes.

MacLean Family Law  recommends having one of our senior lawyers present with you at mediation. Read our blog on tips for success at a family mediation.We can mediate your parenting plan or conduct your provincial court required mediation. Find out how you can get your spouse to mediate in your family law case. Arbitration and parenting coordination are now more common.

Audra Bayer just wrote a great mediation article for the Canadian Bar Association.

Family Mediation & Arbitration – Collaborative Family Lawyers

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Aman Kahlon, Punjabi fluent, Family Mediator and Lawyer Surrey and Calgary Offices

MacLean Law’s Family Mediation & Arbitration team also has lawyers, Audra Bayer, Amalia Schon, Nick Davies and  Lorne MacLean, QC who are trained in the collaborative family process. The Collaborative Process is a dispute resolution process founded on these core elements:

  •  A pledge to engage in non-positional negotiation to reach a
    mutually acceptable resolution without going to court
  •  Honest and good faith communication and exchange of
  • A goal of creating shared solutions that take into account the
    interests of both clients
  • Withdrawal of all professionals if either client chooses to
    withdraw and commence adversarial or positional negotiations
    or go to court

Whether you want collaboration, mediation or arbitration we have senior lawyers to help you resolve matters.

Mediated parenting plans allow the parties to actively participate in the outcome and create a plan that works for their unique family situation. Mediation is assisted negotiation and it is becoming increasingly common in British Columbia as it allows people to reach a fair, timely and cost effective agreement.


Family Mediation & Arbitration Lawyer Lorne MacLean

MacLean Family Law and founder Lorne MacLean, QC Vancouver

Have a meaningful conversation with one of our family dispute resolution lawyers or parenting coordinators about how you can protect your child’s and your own well-being in the course of your separation or divorce.

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alterOur team practices collaborative negotiation, dispute resolution, divorce coaching, consultation, mediation, arbitration, communication coaching and when it is required, litigation. We protect your right to choose the process and negotiate your resolution tailored to your family issues. alter Audra Bayer