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Looking for a top Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator? MacLean Law has a pedigree of success at trial and on family law settlements.

A common request of many people experiencing a family law conflict is a desire to not engage in a contentious court battle.  Often we are asked if Surrey family mediation is possible.  MacLean Law is delighted to advise that we have trained mediators on staff that can help you resolve your legal matters.  Our senior family mediators are also experienced family law lawyers, comfortable with the Family Law Act and  Divorce Act Some of the benefits of using trained family law mediators include solving your complicated matters efficiently, in a generally less stressful environment, while ensuring your privacy.

Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator 605-576-5400

Rather than engaging in an unsure, expensive legal battle, where the Judge determines what will happen in your life, our family law mediators are trained to help you craft your own resolution to your legal problems.  It is noted that mediation is often more cost effective than trial, and 76% of  family law  mediations  resolve all legal issues.  We are trained to deal with complex legal issues including:

  • Division of family property, debts, and liabilities
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Custody of children, decision making and parenting time.

Click here to meet with any of of our team of senior family mediators. across BC and in Calgary.

Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator – High Net Worth Issues

Often parties, especially those that have high net worth, or who come from a specific cultural background, have successfully used MacLean Law mediators as privacy can be a major concern.

Our family law mediation and arbitration team supplements and works side by side with our medium to high net worth trial litigation team led by Lorne N. MacLean, QC who handles the most contentious high stakes financial issues involving family businesses and property owned by extended family members.

Our mediators are also trained to recognize culturally specific issues, including but not limited to complex financial matters high conflict custody disputes including important issues such as:

  1. Dowry
  2. Large marital gifts including transfers of land, jewelry, creation of family trusts.
  3. Third party contributions towards family property
  4. Kinship families – wherein multi generational families all reside under one roof, often with the intermingling of finances.
  5. International property
  6. The involvement of individuals other than the parents in the raising of children.
  7. Large inheritances.

These unique circumstances may not be suited for the courts as experts may need to be retained to ensure the Judge understands culturally specific behaviours, which even then may not result in an equitable resolution.

Next Steps To Move Forward

For other individuals, mediation is considered the best option to ensure a safe environment that allows parties to craft their own agreement, tailored to their specific needs.

If you do have decide to retain a mediator, we will have one on one meeting with both individuals.  Please ensure you bring copies of all relevant documents, or that your lawyer provides the same, including:

  1. Any written agreements or court orders
  2. An outline of your parenting plans
  3. Financial documents (please see a Form 8 for an outline of the required documents)
  4. Unique particulars of your marital situation that may affect your ability to reach a resolution, or are important to you.

Family Violence Screen

For your first meeting with our mediators, please ensure you also advise our mediators of any history of family violence or other factors that may create an imbalance of bargaining power.

Notice to Mediate

Since mediation is a voluntary process, it is important that both parties engage in it openly and in good faith.  However if you have commenced an action in the Supreme Court, you may serve the opposing party with a notice to mediate, to ensure there is an attempt at mediation before continuing with the court process. Though mediators cannot dictate the outcome, our neutral mediators will work tirelessly with both parties to try to ensure a resolution that can be produced into a legally enforceable settlement agreement, with the assistance of legal counsel or even for self represented parties.

Call our Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator Today 

Please contact our Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator offices to arrange an appointment with one of our qualified mediators.