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Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator

Looking for a top Surrey Punjabi Family Lawyer Mediator? MacLean Law has a pedigree of success at trial and on family law settlements. A common request of many people experiencing a family law conflict is a desire to not engage in a contentious court battle.  Often we are asked if Surrey family mediation is possible.  MacLean […]

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Vancouver Surrey Marriage Agreement Lawyers

Vancouver Surrey Marriage Agreement Lawyers know that the new focus of the Family Law Act is on out of court resolutions of BC family law disputes. Vancouver Surrey Marriage Agreement Lawyers know fair agreements will be upheld and the procedure and substantive terms of the negotiation and creation of the agreement are crucial to ensure it […]

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Family Law Mediation in BC

Our highly rated and experienced Vancouver BC family law lawyers are familiar with Vancouver family law mediation and we routinely work with the best family law mediators across BC. We’ll go over our selection process thoroughly with you to ensure we find you the best Vancouver family law mediator for your BC family law case. […]

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