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The family lawyers of MacLean Law discuss children in divorce with Child Custody & Support Videos. Book a Consultation or call us at 1 877 602 9900.

Should I buy a puppy to win my child back?

What if my ex doesn’t consent to me traveling with child abroad?

Divorce and Emotional Harm to Children

How to protect your children during a divorce

Divorce and Separation with Children

Episode 3: Have the “Separation Talk”

Divorce & Separation Lawyer Tips

Divorce & Separation: We’re separating. Should I move out?

Divorce Lawyer on Violent Spouses

My Spouse was violent. How can I protect myself and my children?

Child Custody

Child Custody & Support Videos: Do children have a say in child custody?

Child Alienation

Child Alienation: I think my spouse is alienating my children from me. What can I do?

Changing Schools

Child Custody: Will a court allow a change of school for my child?

Retroactive Support Correction

Retroactive Correction: Spousal and child support arrears