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Avoid These Family law Mistakes

Best Surrey Family Lawyer Tips help you understand the first steps in protecting yourself and your children’s family law rights. Today, Courtenay Mah, one of our dedicated legal administrative professionals explains the first critical steps in moving forward on your family file. Family law in BC is complex.

Our 5 time winning top family lawyers team at MacLean Law wishes to help you with your family law or estate litigation needs by providing clarity and guidance right from the start. All potential clients are required to meet with a lawyer for an initial consultation before retaining our services. The purpose of an initial consultation is to determine if you are comfortable with the lawyer and their initial advice, and decide if you would like to retain them to represent you in your matter going forward. The initial consultation is critical to getting you off on the right foot to successfully resolving your family law case.

Best Surrey Family Lawyer Tips – Initial Consultation 1 877 602 9900

Following a conflict check per Law Society rules, you will be assigned to the lawyer best suited to your case, and that lawyer’s legal assistant will be in touch regarding setting up an initial consultation between you and the lawyer. The legal assistant can be in touch by either telephone or email. We understand that you may want to keep contact with our office private, and are happy to contact you in the form that you prefer. We aim to conduct your initial consultation as soon as possible after contacting our office, working with the lawyer’s schedule and existing duty to current clients.

During the initial consultation, you will be allowed to discuss your matter with the lawyer and take in their initial thoughts and advice. At this time, you may decide to retain the lawyer to proceed with your case. Should you choose to do so, we will provide you with a retainer agreement to be signed by both yourself and the lawyer representing you. The contents of the retainer agreement should be fully reviewed before signing as it sets out the terms of having our firm act on your behalf, including what we will require from you and what you can expect from us. We will also require a retainer payment to be made, which is a source of funds that we will use to pay your monthly invoices. The exact amount of retainer funds required will vary based on the complexity of the situation, and the lawyer will set the initial amount during your consultation.

Best Surrey Family Lawyer Tips – Homework Package saves Money

1 877 602 9900

Once both the retainer fee and agreement have been received by our office, we will provide you with a homework package to be completed to the best of your abilities. These documents elaborate on the initial material we require before the consultation and provide the background information to allow your lawyer and their support team to begin working on your file. Your lawyer’s support staff are available to guide you through any questions you may have concerning the homework package or any other documents we may require. Legal Assistants and Paralegals are a resourceful point of contact for your lawyer, as they will do their best to provide any information they can and forward any questions that require legal advice to the lawyer for a response.

Our Top Rated* family Lawyers We Will Help You Move Forward Successfully On Your Family Case 1 877 602 9900

The progression of your file after these initial steps will depend on your particular case. However, the conflict check, second consultation form, retainer agreement and fee, and homework package apply to all incoming clients. We hope this provides clarity on the initial steps required once you have contacted our office for assistance. We hope these Best Surrey Family Lawyer Tips have helped you feel comfortable with meeting with a top Surrey family lawyer.

If you have more question son our Best Surrey Family Lawyer Tips meet with us to get answers to the questions particular to your family law case.

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