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News Release: On June 1, 2020, MacLean Law expands with a new office in Victoria, British Columbia.

Best Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips are provided again today by MacLean Law Immigration.

An immigration application is a very critical matter for any applicant. A new Canadian Immigration mandate was just released. In many cases, a small error in the details of an application may jeopardize the entire application and lead to its refusal. Moreover, the refusal of an application may cause the applicant to no longer meet the immigration requirements of that particular immigration program or any available alternative program.  In today’s blog, Helen Han of MacLean Law discusses some real-life cases she encountered and provides some advice on preparing immigration applications. This blog will be broken down into two parts.

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1. Immigration regulations and policies may change anytime. So plan your immigration applications as early as possible.

Recently, the BC Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP)’s Skills Immigration programs canceled the guaranteed invitation score standard, while the latest invitation threshold for International Graduate categories reached a high score of 112.  Before it got cancelled, the guaranteed invitation score for the International Graduate category was 105 points.  I have seen quality candidates who would have scored 105 points and got invited if they registered for the BC PNP last year, but they did not.  Now they will have to seek new ways to increase their points to receive the invitation!

Scenario: Applicant A registered for a BC PNP account since the beginning of 2018, but its score is not enough to warrant an invitation to apply, so A has been waiting in the invitation pool, doing nothing but hoping that the minimum invitation score would decrease. Unfortunately, throughout 2018 the minimum invitation scores had been generally high. What’s worse was applicant A lost 10 bonus points because BC PNP removed his occupation (Procurement Buyer) from the “B.C. High Demand Occupations List” in November 2018. He ended up no longer being eligible for the BC PNP International Graduate category as three years had passed since his college graduation.  Because applicant A waited for too long before seeking legal advice, he lost his ticket to one of the easiest immigration programs in the province.

At the same time, applicant A’s colleague, applicant B, had a similar situation.  What B did differently was she came to us for a consultation from the very beginning. Upon assessing B’s case, we advised that she needed to take immediate action to increase her BC PNP scores, such as taking another language test.  We also formulated a backup plan for her to apply for permanent residence under another immigration program should she no longer was eligible for BC PNP. Applicant B in the end successfully obtained Canadian permanent resident status.

To recap our Best Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips 1 877 602 9900, there are many uncertainties surrounding Immigration Canada’s regulations and policies, which are subject to change at any time. Only by speaking with a professional immigration consultant or lawyer as early as possible to evaluate and plan your immigration application can you ensure the timeliness of your immigration application.

Best Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips 1 877 602 9900

2. Do not underestimate the complexity of immigration applications. The devil lies in the details.

Many applicants believed that their situation is not complicated at all, so they felt totally comfortable preparing immigration applications on their own without retaining a professional.  However, due to the lack of understanding of immigration law, often the documents are not properly prepared and the forms are not accurately completed, which leads to refused applications.

Scenario: A newlywed couple hoped to file a permanent residence application for the wife under the spousal sponsorship program, where the husband was the “sponsor”. They felt that their situation was relatively simple, so they prepared and submitted the application to Immigration Canada on their own.  Since both the wife and the husband did not speak much English, the husband asked his colleague to assist in translating some Chinese documents and completing the application forms before submitting the PR application. However, the application got refused due to several inaccuracies in the forms as well as unorganized and missing documents. Afterward, not paying much attention to the refusal, the husband filed an appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) and participated in the hearing himself. At the hearing, the immigration officer asked the wife and husband the same questions separately without the other spouse being present. The wife and husband provided different answers to the same questions, which was a serious red flag for the officer.  Therefore, the officer ruled that the relationship between the two was not authentic nor genuine, and determined that the purpose of their marriage was for immigration.  The application was refused.

The situation of the above-mentioned case was actually simple, to begin with.  The relationship was genuine, especially since they had children later on.  However, because they did not pay enough attention to the immigration application in the early stage, they did not seek a professional immigration lawyer or consultant to assist with the application preparation, which led to major deficiencies being overlooked in the application. At the appeal stage, lack of preparation for the hearing also played a factor in its refusal.  Since the wife could not obtain PR status, the couple remained unwillingly separated for a long time.

Best Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips 1 877 602 9900

In the next blog, we will continue to share some real-life scenarios that we usually encounter and share some suggestions on preparing immigration applications. Stay tuned!

Looking for some professional advice or plan your immigration pathway, talk to MacLean Law at 1877-602-9900 and our Vancouver Canadian Immigration team will resolve matters for you professionally. We hope these Best Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips help you come to Canada. Contact us to increase your chances of success and to have us answer any questions related to our Best Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tip