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Best Victoria family Divorce Lawyers

Vancouver Family Injunctions Lawyers obtain personal and property protection orders including, conduct orders, lifetime protection orders, property freezing, and property restraining orders. MacLean Law has set the bar for successfully obtaining lifetime protection orders, conduct orders, and international worldwide property restraining and hidden property disclosure orders. Hire top family lawyers who obtain results other lawyers rely upon, like those at MacLean Law.

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Vancouver Family Injunctions Lawyers explain that the courts of Canada and specifically, British Columbia will take action to stop family cyber-bullying. Senior Vancouver family lawyer, James Macdonnell notes that in an age of social media, instantaneous postings can, and often do, corral a huge, if not global audience. Courts must take action as an appropriate response to defamatory and injurious postings on the internet by former spouses. In Devathasan, an angry ex-spouse attacked his wife, family, opposing lawyer, and even the judge hearing the case. MacLean law lawyers took action to sanction this inappropriate behaviour and obtained a lifetime protection order and $1.5 million in special costs.

How Do Injunctions Work?

Many courts have made Vancouver Family Injunctions orders to prevent what now refer to as cyber-bullying. The relief courts rely upon in these cases called injunctive relief.  injunctive relief now, finds itself a common remedy in cases of family violence perpetrated online by a former disgruntled or vindictive spouse or parent. The law of injunctions is complex especially when placed in the context of high conflict high net worth and ultra-high net worth family matters where not only can the source of online violence damage the other party’s reputation and draw their private family dispute into the public, but also place business assets, business reputations and the like into question and thereby having a significant adverse effect on how these parties move forward after it is all said and done. 

Vancouver Family Injunctions Lawyers – Types Of Injunctions

3 types of injunctions could be relevant to cyber-bullying:

  1. Prohibitive Injunctions: to prevent a party from committing wrongful acts or which could interfere with the rights of another;
  2. Mandatory Injunctions: to undo a past wrong, repair a wrong, or require a party to carry out an unperformed duty to act; and,
  3. Quia Timet Injunctions: granted before any harm being suffered.

In any of these cases: a party may seek an interlocutory injunction on an emergency basis, before the determination of whether a permanent injunction should be ordered on a final basis. In several Family Law cases, courts have made orders like injunctive relief for parties to stop making social media postings and/or take down postings, as a “stand-alone response to what the judge perceives as harmful social media activity. Our lawyers here at MacLean Law Group have experience dealing with these complex cases requiring injunctive relief on behalf of our high net worth and ultra-high net worth clientele.

MacLean Law Client Wins 1 877 602 9900

One such case that our or lawyers dealt with was W.(R.) v. C.(P.).,2015 BCSC 748 This BC Supreme Court case involved two very acrimonious parties – one a high-level electrical engineer employed to design and build semiconductor chips for a major global corporation and the wife was a former advertising/marketing representative for a soft drink company. The wife had on multiple occasions posted on Facebook and other social media websites information about the husband and allegations of abuse during the parties’ marriage. After a lengthy four-day long Chambers hearing interlocutory injunctions were granted. And, eventually, a final injunction in the family matter was granted. The presiding judge in the interim order granted an injunction prohibiting the mother from making postings referring to the parties’ children, the farther or the court proceedings. The order required the wife to take down the existing online postings and require the wife to file proof with the court that she had complied with the order. The issue of the defamatory postings within the larger family law litigation was whether or not the postings made by the ex-wife were defamatory, even though the father had made no formal claim within the originating pleadings for a claim of defamation. The court found in favour of the father and the trial judge granted a final injunction.

Vancouver Worldwide Family Mareva Injunctions

MacLean Law Group founder, Lorne N. MacLean Q.C., successfully obtained a Vancouver Worldwide Family Mareva Injunctions decision in the ultra-high-net-worth case of Devathasan v. Devathasan, 2017 BCSC 1010 that to preserve the family assets globally the court had to grant an injunction. In this case, Lorne N. MacLean, ultra-high net worth family lawyer, successfully obtained a Vancouver Worldwide Family Mareva Injunctions decision on behalf of his client. Vancouver Worldwide Family Mareva Injunctions are restraining orders that work internationally to preserve assets not normally situated in the jurisdiction where the parties’ litigation is commenced. A Mareva injunction freezes a respondent’s worldwide assets and is available whether or not the respondent resides in British Columbia. Mr. MacLean’s worldwide Mareva injunction on nearly $50 million worth of family property located across Canada, the United States, Singapore, and Southeast Asia preserved his client’s entitlement to a fair division of those assets after trial.  Lorne N. MacLean Q.C.’s skill on behalf of his ultra-high net worth client set a record Canadian interim spousal support award of over $83,000 per month and child support for one child of over $21,000 per month followed by a record-breaking trial award of $116,000 a month. This was besides the lifetime protection order granted to protect the mother and children from the former spouse’s misconduct.

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