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Toronto High Net Worth Family Lawyers

The best Toronto divorce lawyers handle medium to high net worth family law cases involving medium to high net worth financial matters and child custody and parenting time disputes. Our Toronto divorce lawyers operate from our 150 King Street West office in the downtown Toronto financial district.

The best Toronto divorce lawyers focus on obtaining proper disclosure, properly calculating guideline incomes, and properly calculating excluded and net family property as well as valuing the family home. Even more importantly the best Toronto divorce lawyers focus on the best interests of your children to ensure they are winners after divorce and grow up as successful productive members of society. The best Toronto divorce lawyers know the greatest predictor of poor developmental outcomes for a child is prolonged conflict after divorce.

We know that valuation and division of net family property, tracing of excluded property, protection of property disposition and personal protection orders, proper financial support and beneficial child parenting plans are all critical. Prenups and separation agreements are also something the best Toronto family lawyers handle.

Cancelling BC Support Arrears
Lorne MacLean QC wins top 25 most influential Canadian lawyers

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Toronto Separation and Divorce is never an easy topic, yet about 40% of married and common-law couples will have to face this decision.  Canada has a “no-fault” system for divorce, but there are many considerations that will have to be dealt with in finalizing your separation and divorce – children, financial support, and division of family property to name just a few. Toronto Separation and divorce is a serious decision and has serious consequences. Speak to one of our top-rated family lawyers from Canada’s national family law firm who know how to help you through the highly stressful situation of a Toronto Separation and divorce.

# 1 Divorce Misconception– I have to wait a year from when I separated to start my divorce proceeding. This is just wrong. You can start your divorce the day you separate and seek child support, spousal support, possession of the family home, interim restraining orders on the family property and protection orders protecting you and your children from family violence, and even seek an interim advance of monies to help you pursue your legal rights. Delay in getting legal advice from the best Toronto divorce lawyers can aggravate matters.

Be Aware of Differences Between Toronto Married Separations and Toronto Common Law Separations 416 900 3428

Toronto Separation and Divorce affect both married and common-law couples. While rights and responsibilities affecting married and common-law couples upon relationship break-down are now substantially the same, there are still some subtle differences you must be aware of.  These differences can be an important part of any Toronto Separation and divorce. Our top-rated Toronto Separation and divorce family lawyers from Canada’s national family law firm make sure you know the differences in common-law and married rights and responsibilities and how to protect and enforce them.

Toronto Child Parenting and Contact Changes
Lorne MacLean QC wins Top 25 most influential Canadian lawyers

Toronto Separation and Divorce are important for everyone, but no-one so much as those involved in “High Net Worth” separation and divorce.  Generally, a “High Net Worth” separation and divorce involve dividing the accumulated family property of over $2M and associated high annual income. With this amount of property, rules about what is and is not included in property division become more significant.  Same for income for financial support purposes. Toronto “High Net Worth” Separation and divorce are different than other separations and divorces – they require a unique approach. Hiring a lawyer who handles big divorce cases and who has set records in this area is wise. Lorne MacLean, QC has several key wins recently that captured media attention around the globe. See Li v Rao and Devathasan for recent high profile wins.

Special Rules for Toronto high net worth divorce and separations involve:

  1. Child support payments once the income of the payor is over $150,000;
  2. Spousal support payments once the income of the payor is over $350,000;
  3. spousal support in cases where multi-millions in family property is received;
  4. interim advances for multimillion-dollar files that need business valuators, accountants, and tax professionals;
  5. special expenses for international schooling for children, private lessons, tutors, or expensive private schools;
  6. ensuring fair negotiation and proper disclosure of true income and values for family property were made in prenups, marriage agreements and separation agreements.

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Let our top-rated Toronto divorce lawyers from Canada’s national family law firm help you keep you and your children protected.