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Best BC family divorce lawyers

We love the best BC family divorce lawyers TV shows. The new Global Family Law TV Series, Season 1, Episode 1: Reality check From the Perspective of the Best British Columbia Family Law Lawyer. Moving forward Ana Sadovska will support Global’s Family Law show to ensure family law clients are properly educated on their family law rights and obligations. We look forward to appearing on Global’s Family law.

Family Law premiered on September 16, 2021 on Global, and was produced and set in Vancouver, British Columbia right next to our MNP  Tower HQ. It is a novel and entertaining, although not always legally accurate, portrayal of the world of family law practice in British Columbia. So far the show has dealt with animal issues, emancipation, child parenting capacity issues and even sexually transmitted infections. It also deals with stresses family lawyers face. We love the show, how it portrays the pressure on family lawyers and the realistic portrayal of the emotional component for clients and lawyers in an area of law known for drama and stress.

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Our best BC family divorce lawyers summarize  Episode 1: The show starts out with a lawyer barely making it to a court appearance and then throwing up in court on her client while children film it (guess what – filming or recording in a courtroom is not allowed) Family Law litigants should be wary that Courts (British Columbia Supreme Court and British Columbia Provincial Court) take court etiquette very seriously. If you, or your lawyer, do not show up, a Court may choose to proceed with the application, or a trial in your absence. This obviously can lead to some very unsatisfactory outcomes (Supreme Court Family Rules, Rule 10-3(2)). Obviously the best BC family lawyers would not allow this to happen to you.

Best BC family divorce lawyers
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Later in the episode, Daniel, a collaborative lawyer, sitting as a family arbitrator meets with two clients and their dog to figure out a “parenting plan” for their Pug. It is important to note that, under the British Columbia law, only parents of human children can make parenting arrangements for their Children. Additionally, although definitely part of the family, pets are considered personal property. In Brown v Larochelle, 2017 BCPC 115, the court concluded that: “pets will not be treated as if they were children”. Of course, there is still room to negotiate pet expenses, as well as who gets to keep the family pet and when. The Court has noted, in Rogers v Rogers, [1980] OJ No 2229 (QL), that an application for possession of a family pet had been argued “as vigorously as an application for children”. The solution in that case was to postpone the resolution with respect to pets until determination of other issues could be decided so the parties could move on and settle their matters.

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Our best BC family divorce lawyers  explain that Family Law litigants should also be aware that under no circumstances whatsoever should two parties, who have adverse interests, have the same collaborative lawyer acting for both of them. There is a clear conflict of interest and this should be avoided. In fact, the Law Society of British Columbia, in the Code of Professional Conduct notes that: “A lawyer must not act or continue to act for a client where is a conflict of interest, except as permitted under this Code.” When hiring a collaborative lawyer, each separating party should get their own lawyer. A list of qualified collaborative family lawyers In British Columbia is available at the Collaborative roster and Audra Bayer is a leader in this area.

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Additionally, the best BC family divorce lawyers  know that separating spouses should NOT use the same lawyer to draft their Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Agreements, or Separation Agreement because of the strong potential for conflict of interest. Family Agreements can be set aside or varied by the courts if not done properly or are unfair. Courts do not look likely upon one-sided agreements. In order to protect your rights and the validity of an Agreement, each party should obtain Independent Legal Advice from their own lawyer.

The last point to address from Episode 1 is where a man finds out, after many years, that he is the father of a daughter after he was asked to donate sperm. The issues of parenting and child support complex are complex, and beyond the scope of this blog. However, under normal circumstances, a parent could be entitled to parenting time with a child, and they are also responsible for providing child support for the child. But, a donor is not automatically deemed to be a parent by reason of donating human reproductive material. Which means that a donor is not automatically responsible for paying child support. “Home sperm donations” can lead to years of unintended support and shared parenting so please use a lawyer and do things properly.

MacLean Law is repeatedly named as best the BC family divorce lawyers and  has many experienced lawyers who could help you get started and guide you through complex legal issues.

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Call our team of the best BC family divorce lawyers if you need to promptly settle your family law dispute.

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