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Call Our Fort St John High Net Worth Family Lawyers at 250-262-5052.

Lorne MacLean - Property Dispute Lawyer, BC
Fort St John and Dawson Creek High Net Worth Income and Asset family lawyer, Lorne MacLean, QC

Fort St John family lawyer and Vancouver senior lawyer Lorne MacLean, QC is the founder of MacLean Law, one of the top rated family law firms in Canada. Mr. MacLean leads our 15 lawyer family law team and handles our most complex and challenging family law cases involving high income, high net worth, family business division, family  and trust division, corporate rollover and reorganization to minimize taxes on separation  and foreign asset cases. When you need a highly rated Fort St John high net worth family lawyer you need to call MacLean Law at 250-262-5052 to meet with us at our downtown Fort St John office. Watch Lorne MacLean, QC to see if he’s right for you.

Top Rated Family lawyers Really Help

Lorne  MacLean QC is one of the top 25 rated lawyers in North America according to ratings from satisfied clients at lawyerratingz.com. MacLean Law was ranked top Vancouver family law firm by Top Choice Awards and the firm has a multiple 5 star google reviews rating. MacLean and his legal team have helped their clients win a number of leading cases in the Supreme Court of Canada and BC Court of Appeal including leading Canadian  cases on child custody, spousal and child support and family property division cases. Clients who need a experienced and firm Fort St John High Net Worth Family Lawyer  to provide them legal advice to resolve their family case should call MacLean Law. Delay is never a good thing in a family law case.

Lorne MacLean QC Provides Critical Advice To High Net Worth North Peace Family Law Clients

Lorne MacLean, QC understands that a Fort St John or Dawson Creek business, proprietorship or professional practice is often the “Golden Goose” that supports all of the family members. MacLean also knows that ill-timed or improperly framed restraining orders, spousal interference with financing and other obstructionist tactics can scare away key business  partners, banks, joint venture investors and cause profits to vaporize and losses to mount.

Tenacious Representation By MacLean

Lorne MacLean, QC has over 30 years’ experience at tenaciously resolving complex property valuations, family and excluded  property division, tax matters, periodic and lump sum spousal and child support, trust valuations and family debt issues.

MacLean Law will help protect our separated Fort St John and Dawson Creek high net worth individuals from disaster upon marriage or relationship breakdown. High net worth family law clients cannot afford a misstep and we are there to protect your rights and to ensure you continue to earn income and profits with as little distraction and interference as possible. Mr. MacLean handles married or common law spouses’ (to qualify as a common law spouse the parties must have lived together in a “marriage like” relationship for a continuous period of at least two years) property division, spousal support and child support claims as well as difficult child parenting cases.

Lorne MacLean, QC would be happy to meet with you at his Fort St John BC office immediately to discuss:

  • What is excluded versus family property
  • Asset and wealth protection strategies regarding personal, company and trust assets
  • What happens to property registered in both names
  • Why you may need a marriage or cohabitation agreement
  • What significant unfairness means when property division is decided
  • Whether you are in a spousal relationship that means spousal support is payable?
  • What a spouse earning over $150,000 pays as child support and when it ends
  • What a spouse earning over 350,000 pays as spousal support and when it ends?
  • How is spousal support decided if there are no children, children, or you share the raising of your children
  • Does a spouse have to become self-sufficient?
  • What happens on remarriage or cohabitation with new spouses on support?
  • Retirement issues
  • Change of income issues
  • Failure to pay support issues
  • spouses wanting to move away with my child

Our team of lawyers is here to help you overcome challenging circumstance arising from marriage breakdown which are far more complex and risky when high income and assets are involved. When the stakes are high -you need to demand the best legal representation possible. You deserve top legal support from a senior Vancouver lawyer who regularly acts in Fort St John and Dawson Creek BC.

Contact Lorne MacLean, QC now so you can begin to successfully move forward. Our Fort St John high net worth family lawyer legal team is ready to help you protect your hard earned income and assets.