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Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers

MacLean Family Law and its top-rated team of Richmond Divorce and Separation lawyers is proud to announce its expansion into Richmond, B.C. effective June 1, 2016. Our new Richmond office is located on the 3rd floor of the Richmond Business Centre in the core of the energetic multicultural and world class City of Richmond, and our client focused and discrete Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers can meet with you at:

5811 Cooney Road
Suite 305 South Tower
Richmond, BC

Call us now at 604-249-2149

You can contact us in Richmond or across BC at any of our 5 locations.

As Richmond has a significant Asian population, our Mandarin and Cantonese speaking lawyers and assistants are skilled in helping our Chinese and family law and personal injury clients. Our Mandarin and Cantonese speaking phone line is 604-682-6466. We have dedicated Simplified and Traditional Chinese language sites for our Asian clients.

MacLean Top Choice Awards, Vancouver

Top Rated Vancouver and Richmond Family Law lawyers Multiple Times

For over three decades, the Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers of MacLean Family Law has been providing top-quality legal services in family law actions in the Greater Vancouver area, and has gained a reputation as one of BC’s very best family law firms. In both 2014 and 2016 MacLean has won the Top Choice Award as Vancouver’s Best Family Law Firm. We have more than 20 intelligent and hard-working lawyers and have offices in Vancouver, Surrey, Fort St. John, Kelowna, and Calgary; now, with the addition of our new Richmond Office, we are sure to bring our renowned top-quality legal services to residents in Richmond on an even broader basis.

Our firm has acted in Richmond and the greater Vancouver on high net worth financial support and property division relationship breakdown cases as well as complex child custody and parenting arrangement disputes.

Range of Services

Lawyer Chen Zhao and articling student Jian Kang, along with legal administrative assistant Sophia Lee are our Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers. They act for spouses involved Richmond relationship breakdowns involving the BC Family Law Act and/or Divorce Act:

  • in shared and sole custody and parenting arrangement cases
  • in Richmond spousal support and child support cases involving high net worth business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and executives and their hardworking spouses focused on high net worth exceptions for spouse’s who share custody, who have incomes over $150,000 for child support disputes and who have over $350,000 for spousal support disputes,
  • in cases involving family property division and particularly in cases involving businesses, professional practices, joint ventures, partnerships and investment portfolios and developments.
  • in matrimonial property and excluded property and equal and unequal division of property
  • in BC valuation disputes and distributive tax and capital gains tax disputes
  • in BC trust disputes where one of the spouse’s controls or is the beneficiary of a trust
  • in BC wealth and asset protection and preservation strategies
  • in Bc family gifts, loans and debt disputes
  • in BC and Albertareproductive technology and ART agreements
  • in the negotiation preparation of cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements in BC
  • in mediation, arbitration and litigation in BC and Alberta
  • in BC and Alberta grey divorce disputes involving retirement, re-partnering and double dipping arguments
 Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Lorne N MacLean, QC, of MacLean Law’s Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Lorne MacLean, QC founder of our team of Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers is proud to have appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada more than once and in the BC Court of Appeal on multiple occasions. His renowned reputation as a skilled and indefatigable adversary leads to a number of settlements in cases that he is involved in. Lorne N. MacLean, QC handles the most contentious and complex cases with a a passion for resolving matters discretely and effectively. Discretion is our focus so that the finances of your family and yourself as well as your reputation are preserved.

Dedicated Team of Chinese  Richmond Divorce and Separation Lawyers 

Diversity is has always been a key focus at MacLean Law. We have an outstanding team of lawyers who speak Chinese, including both Mandarin and Cantonese, and handle high net-worth divorce files on a regular basis. We are always happy to assist Chinese clients in their mother language to ensure nothing is lost in translation and best results are achieved. If you would like to speak to our Chinese lawyers in Richmond, please contact us at 604 682 6466.


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This team's investment in clients is what sets them apart from other firms. No wonder Lorne is Q.C. and the firm is award winning.