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Calgary ADR Family Lawyers

Calgary ADR Mediation Family Lawyers understand that family alternative dispute resolution processes help separated spouses and their children resolve family financial and child parenting matters in a way that allows the parties to be part of shaping the process that lets them move forward successfully after separation. Meet with our Calgary ADR mediation family lawyers at our downtown Banker’s Hall Office.

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ADR and Why You Need a Lawyer

What is ADR? Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appropriate Dispute Resolution or even Adaptive Dispute Resolution are all a process of resolving issues outside of litigation and Court. Alternative, Appropriate, and Adaptive are interchangeable to describe the different expectations and interpretations of Dispute Resolution processes.

Our savvy Calgary ADR Mediation Family Lawyers explain that forms of ADR may include 4-way settlement meetings, mediation, negotiation, Early Intervention Case Conference (EICC), Case Flow Conference (CFC) and Dispute Resolution Officer Program (DRO). All of these processes allow parties to resolve issues between each other informally outside of a Courtroom. Here are some key terms to learn when you are thinking ADR might be right for you.

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Our experienced Calgary ADR Mediation Family Lawyers list the benefits of ADR which include cost savings, preservation of relationships, mutual win-win resolution, timely resolution of your family matter and control over the process.

Cost Savings 

On average, a mediator can cost a couple $250/hr wherein for a lawyer, to litigate your matter in Court, can cost each party, separately, $350/hr. The money saved by going through an ADR process can be put towards your Children and your future.

Preservation of Relationships 

In the Court process, a Judge makes the final decision; someone who is a third party and has no emotional involvement or interest in each party’s situation. In the ADR process, the parties make the final decision; couples involved and living the situation in real-time communicate, negotiate, compromise and come to an amicable resolution together.

Mutual Win-Win Resolution 

Settling matters outside of Court gives parties a mutual resolution wherein both parties win. Decisions within the ADR process is made by consent based on both parties’ needs and wants.

Timely Resolution Of Calgary Family Disputes

It can take up to half a year to get before a Judge in the Court system and anywhere from 2-3 years to get a final decision at Trial. Resolution through an ADR process can occur within one to two sessions.

Control over the process

There is no control over the Court process. Everything from time to decision is all in the Court’s hands. Unlike the Court process, ADR is completely voluntary and any outcome is based on consent by both parties. Parties have control over time, cost and decisions.

These are only a handful of benefits of the ADR process. Parties settling outside of Court also frees up Court time for other matters wherein a Judge’s decision is appropriate; this is why it is necessary to attempt one form of ADR prior to pursuing an Application or Claim in Court.

Calgary ADR Mediation Family Lawyers 403 444 5503

It is always in a party’s best interest to retain Counsel. Whether you are attending mediation or an EICC, you still need to know your legal rights. A Lawyer can guide you and advise you of what is fair and equitable. Mediators and Court Counsellors manage the ADR process and cannot provide you with Legal Advice. In the event no resolution is possible through ADR, then your Lawyer can take the necessary steps to pursue your matter in Court.

Sim San, Paralegal Mediator, Q.Med Candidate